_DSC0892 Matthew Bisceglia

By Kyoshi Becker

Matt Bisceglia filled in for Blake Baggett and James Stewart during the 2016 AMA National series. Bisceglia first started racing professionally for Geico Honda starting in late 2013. Bisceglia earned his first podium the following year in the Las Vegas Supercross finale. With his contract expired he raced the 2016 Supercross season for the Mad Racing Dirt Candy Yoshimura Suzuki team in the 250 East. He would end the series 10th in points overall. 

How was your season? It went good. Honestly, I had some ups and downs but I had a very good opportunity over the last few months to work with Yoshimura Suzuki and race their bikes. Iv’e been having fun. I had a get-off in Southwick and broke a few ribs and collapsed a lung however.

What does a collapsed lung feel like? It is hard to breathe. I just got done with a moto and I am still struggling when I talk a bit. It is tough, but I am pushing through. I need to prove what I can do for next year.


Does it effect your fitness? No, not really. I didn’t have to take enough time off to where it would be affected. My fitness is good right now. It was a little tougher to breathe, but once I started riding again, my lungs expanded and I’ll be good.

Did they tell you specifically who you were filling in for or was it just the whole team? Whoever wasn’t racing. The first couple of races, neither of them were there (Blake Baggett and James Stewart). Blake came back and then James came back. By the end of the season they were both out again. They decided after Red Bud that they would take me to the last three regardless of who was racing. I have had some good rounds and I really enjoyed working with Yoshimura Suzuki and getting this opportunity.

20160820092353_Scott Mallonee_Matt Biscgelia_BuddsCreek_2016Photo: Scott Mallonee

Are you racing with the team next year? Right now I am trying to figure it out. I don’t know my plans for next year. I do have a couple of potential options. You can never count on anything until the contract is signed and the ink is on the paper. It does look like I have an option or two to choose from which is really cool. Hopefully one of those work out. I’d be more than happy to ride with these guys next year. It has been a blast. Until then I will put my head down and keep racing my dirt bike.

How long have you been on the 450? I got on one about four days before the Lakewood National. Before that it had been a while. When I was with Geico, they gave me a 450 to ride just here and there, but I didn’t ride it that much. Prior to this season, the last serious race I did on a 450 was the Loretta Lynn’s in 2013. I have always ridden a 450 good and right now I am enjoying it.

Matt BiscegliaPhoto: John Basher

Happy with your progression throughout the season? I am. It is kinda unfortunate I took that digger at Southwick and hurt myself, but there is nothing I can do about it now. Thankfully when I came back I hadn’t become much slower.

Were you surprised at how well you raced at Thunder Valley? Honestly, I was a little bit. I was surprised as to how the year had gone. But at the same time when I sat back and thought about it, I expect more out of myself. I still have more room to grow. I knew I was on a good bike. It was a matter of going out there and riding my hardest. That is what I did and tried to finish the season strong.


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