Without a doubt Indian Dunes was the mecca for moto north of Los Angeles, while Saddleback held sway in Orange County and Carlsbad Raceway dominated down south. But for varied terrain, the Dunes had it all! A minicycle track, the Shadow Glen track, the International track, the flat track oval and 600 acres of land to cruise around on. The dirt varied from hardpack to soft to sand and everything in between, including a river running down the middle of it all.

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Local racers, as well as AMA National stars were a fixtures at the Dunes. And because Hollywood used Indian Dunes as a movie location you could see TV and movie stars all the time—and that includes the legendary Steve McQueen, who came to the Dunes to race. Indian Dunes Originals is still based just a few miles away from our favorite track of all-time. Indian Dunes my be gone, but its memory lives on in our T-shirts that brings a little piece of your youth back. For more information go to

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