The revised Ohlins SD2.1design includes a new mounting system so the damper can be transferred from one bike to another. The updated SD 2.1 is a polished version of the previous model, it’s better then ever with the newly Interchangeable SD 2.1 revision. The new silhouette is a result of a much easier way of mounting the damper under the handlebar.

The re-designed SD 2.1 features high-speed damping when needed but gives minimum interference at low speed due to its use of precisely created components. Thanks to its RTC damping adjuster (Return To Center), the SD 2.1 may be used by riders inexperienced with steering damping; resistance for the rider can be minimised through opening the RTC valve. Riders searching for extra support and stability in both directions can use the RTC in a more closed position to achieve added stability.

The new steering damper is now equipped with a completely new valving system, eliminating any fluctuation of the damping characteristics depending on making a left or a right turn.The UniFlow feature is actually a system that controls the flow of the hydraulic fluid to only one direction hence the new fluctuation free damping curve.The system is also pressurized to compensate any temperature changes. The retail price is $724.

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