The Sidi Atojo name comes from its developers. The “A” stands for Alessandro Lupino, the “TO” is for Tony Cairoli, and the “JO” for Jorge Prado. These three MXGP racers, along with vetted Sidi technicians, were the significant contributors to the development of the Atojo boot. Their goal was to create a boot that was lighter without sacrificing protection, more comfortable without forfeiting durability and had a fit that would satisfy a broader range of riders without sacrificing its Italian craftsmanship.

Additionally, these aren’t the slim Italian boots that Sidi is known for. Every MXA test riders who had wide feet and disliked the tight toe box of previous Sidis, but felt comfortable in the Atojos.

The big news is that for the month of June they are now offered at $100 off their previous price. ATOJO boots are available in black, red/black, white/black and gray/black. They were $549.99 and are now $449.99 at your local dealer or



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