What were you doing in 1973? Born yet? In kindergarten? Flunking 7th grade math? Getting drafted? Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t as pivotal as what Donnie Emler was doing. Donnie was out in his garage in Hawthorne, California, hand welding an exhaust pipe for his race bike. Emler’s own bike ran so well at the local SoCal races that he was suddenly in demand to make pipes for other racers. Demand got so great, that Donnie decided that there just might be a real business in making race parts for the fledgling sport of motocross. Very few people can say they got in on the ground floor of the America motocross movement, but FMF’s Donnie Emler is one of those guys. Just as Mike Goodwin is the father of Supercross and Edison Dye is the father of motocross, Donnie Emler is the father of the motocross hop-up business (and an actual grandfather).

To celebrate the 45th anniversary, Donnie’s son, Donnie Emler, Jr (just call him Little D) decided that the best way to celebrate our 45th anniversary in the motorcycle industry would be to build a special bike—that could be ridden in the desert, at a GNCC race or on a local track. It had to be a fun bike with some historical significance—which is why FMF elected to use a Husqvarna as their starting point.

Both FMF and Motocross Action started in 1973. To celebrate 45 years in doing business, two of the leading brands in their categories came together to build a special project for Little D. Little D does offroad as well as moto so this was definitely a different type of build than normal. In the end it was more to celebrate the achievement of FMF — by letting the MXA wrecking crew ride it first.

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