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370-227WHAT IS IT? Fly Racing is not trying to make the same old motocross pant as everyone else. It has broken the mold with its Evolution 2.0 gear, most noticeably with its pant closure system.

WHAT’S IT COST? $54.95 (jersey), $174.95 (pants).

CONTACT? or (208) 319-3079.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fly Racing Evolution 2.0 Racewear.

370-237-1(1) Pants. The Evolution 2.0 pants have the first low-power cable-pulley system in motocross gear history. It is called the Boa closure system. This system has been around on ski boots and bicycle footwear for the last 20 years. Boa closure systems come in three types: high-power (for ski and snowboard boots), mid-power (for hiking and utility boots) and low-power (for running and cycling shoes and casual wear). Motocross pants don’t need high- or mid-power closure strength, so Fly uses Boa’s low-power system. Because of the clicker adjustments of the Boa system, Fly Racing has the only motocross pant in the industry that allows for odd-number-sized adjustments. A rider who wears a size-31 pant can order a size-32 Fly pant and tighten the Boa closure system to get the fit he needs. When we measured the system fully expanded, it expanded to 17 inches. When fully tightened, it retracted to 13-1/2 inches. The pants feature a ratcheting buckle and Velcro strap to aid the zipper. The Evolution 2.0 pant weighs under 2 pounds, with ventilation in key areas to keep the rider cool.

(2) Comfort. The Evolution 2.0 Racewear is comfortable. The Boa system helps keep the pant in place and is strong enough to resist the downward tug of gripper seat covers in the middle of a moto. The knees are roomy, which helps riders with big legs, knee braces or a combination of both. The large leather knee panels create a  solid feel on the inner knees where you grip the tank. The loose cuffs at the bottom of the pants are not restrictive on the calves and are a plus for tall riders who often have to pull pants up their calves to adjust the height. Obviously, if you don’t wear knee braces or you like tight-fitting pant cuffs, these may be issues for you.

(3) Durability. The Evolution 2.0 Racewear is constructed from the most durable materials on the market. We especially like the leather knee patches, not just for their heat guard capabilities but for their toughness in the general wear and tear category. The surface area of the knee patches is big enough to cover all situations.

(4) Jersey. The Evolution 2.0 jersey is made of a sublimated polyester material. This material cleans up well after countless hours of roost, dust and mud. The jersey is made of a breathable material with a vented back, along with plenty of room to wear an under-protector. The extended tail has a silicone print to keep the jersey tucked in through the most challenging moto conditions. The sleeves have a nice, snug feel—not too loose, not too tight. The open cuffs allow the sleeves to move as needed.

(5) Options. The Evolution 2.0 Racewear pant is available in sizes 26 to 40, and the jersey is available in sizes from youth extra large to adult extra-extra large. There are five different color schemes to choose from.

370-237WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles. (1) The knee area ran big for our smaller riders as did the cuffs, but larger riders who wore knee braces loved the extra room. (2) We did notice some excessive dirt buildup in the knee ventilation pockets.

MXA RATING: If you ski, snowboard or cycle, you might already be aware of the superb adjustability of the Boa closure system. Guess what? It works just as well on motocross pants. The Evolution 2.0 gear is as durable as any high-end gear that the wrecking crew has ever tested.



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