WHAT IS IT? Alpinestars has added the Screamer jersey/pants combo to its Techstar lineup for 2018. The jersey itself is optimized for the most demanding off-road conditions. It is tested by the likes of Eli Tomac, Jeffrey Herlings and newly signed Broc Tickle. The gloves are not technically part of the Screamer motif, but they are part of the Techstar lineup.

WHAT’S IT COST? $49.95 (jersey), $179.95 (pants), $44.95 (gloves).

CONTACT? or (800) 409-0903.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the 2018 Alpinestars Techstar Screamer combo set.

(1) Jersey. The jersey itself offers a sleek performance look. It’s not too form-fitting, but it is just form-fitting enough to make anybody look like a full factory racer. Our test gear was very colorful, with blue, red and yellow flo elements. On the performance side, it offers a vented, very thin material that does its job well keeping you cool. While riding with the Techstar Screamer jersey, the freedom of movement is impressive. The jersey is very comfortable. It would be great to wear during hot summer races thanks to its thin and light material. Plus, it holds up after taking a beating.(2) Pants. Right off the bat we noticed that these pants were very comfortable. Like with the entire 2018 Techstar lineup, the pants feature a sans-a-belt closure system to keep your pants secure. If you’re between pant sizes, the sans-a-belt offers the ability to bridge a wider gap than a click closure. On the outside, there is the iconic Alpinestars (A-Star) logo in 3D injection-molded rubber for additional durability for the legs. This pant also has an inner hip pocket that mystified most of the test riders, but when trail riding, it allowed us to carry our truck key with us. The Screamer pants had ample room for knee braces, but riders with tree-trunk-style legs and knee braces thought they were tight around the knees. Thankfully, the tightness did not affect their range of motion. The Techstar pants clean up well and are sturdy enough to withstand crashes.

(3) Gloves. To complete the kit, we ordered Techstar gloves. They are constructed with an advanced stretch poly-fabric that is very lightweight. The tailoring is designed to be ergonomic with a single piece of Clarino fabric in the palm for durability. The fit is precise and never bunched up or caused any hot spots. The Techstar glove is thick and thin in the places where you need it. With most motocross gloves, it is hard to buckle helmets or complete other pre-moto tasks with the gloves on. Not so with the Techstar gloves. They have very thin fingertips that leave enough tactile feel to help you out (it’s the little things that we thoroughly enjoy about testing products).

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? A few quibbles. (1) We love the jersey but wish the collar were a little smaller. It could fit tighter around our necks. (2) The small pocket on the inside of the pants is pure genius (it is a throwback to the days when all motocross pants had a pocket in them for the rider’s AMA medical card), but the net fabric material may be a little thin. A thicker fabric would hold up better to the sharp edges of a truck key.

MXA RATING: Overall, the Alpinestars Techstar Screamer gear combo is great. It’s heavy-duty enough to hold up to long rides but comfortable enough that you’ll want to keep riding for an extended period. The colors stayed bright and looked new every time we rode in it.

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