WHAT IS IT? A portable misting system that runs off your truck’s cigarette lighter and makes the hottest day feel cool. If you race where it is hot, you need this.

$219.95 (10-nozzle system-as tested), $179.95 (six-nozzle system), $279.95 (10-nozzle system with 11-hour battery power), $299.95 (10-nozzle system with 20-hour battery power).

CONTACT? or (503) 983-4351.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Canopy Cool BL-1 portable misting system.

(1) Models. There are four different versions available. They all use the same 45 psi pulse pump, but they differ in the number of nozzles and length of the tubing. All four can be plugged into a 12-volt cigarette lighter for power, but there are two battery-powered models (11-hour and 20-hour) that will work with no external power source (for really roughing it in the wild).

(2) Function. Canopy Cool is a portable misting system that gets its power from your truck’s cigarette lighter (via a 14-foot power cord). The pump draws water from a five-gallon bucket (which MXA fills up from the track’s watering system). The misting hose has clips that make it easy to attach under your EZ-Up awning.

(3) Temperature.
The hotter the day, the better the Canopy Cool works. On a 100-degree day, the temperature under MXA‘s canopy measures a balmy 80 degrees.

(4) Ease of use.
Our BL-1 model (BL stands for Bucket Lid) includes 40 feet of tubing, a 14-foot power cord, 10 brass misters, six Velcro mounting straps, six metal hanging clips and a submersible pump. The first time you use the Canopy Cooler mister system, you have to put the pieces together in the arrangement that best suits your canopy. After that, everything can be stored inside the supplied bucket.

(5) Pumping station. MXA was able to get over an hour of mist out of the five gallons of water in the bucket. Since the pump is a pulse pump, it doesn’t drain your truck’s battery.

(6) Tips.
When you hook the nozzles up to your canopy, read the wind properly so that the mist is blown towards the people under the awning. Be forewarned that sitting under a mister system will make you wet?no problem for a sweaty motorcycle racer, but not nice for a girlfriend or wife trying to read a book. Canopy Cool sells an inexpensive six nozzle kit for $179.00, but you need at least 10 nozzles to cover a 10-by-10 EZ-Up (the 45 psi pump can handle up to 20 nozzles).

The brass nozzles can get clogged up with dirt or hard water (we tried to talk our local track into buying a water softener for their watering system, but they declined). We clean the nozzles at regular intervals with CLR Remover to dissolve calcium, lime and rust.

Canopy Cool is worth its weight in gold on a hot day. You could buy a $100,000 motor coach with an air conditioner to sit in at the races or get a $220 Canopy Cool.


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