WHAT IS IT? The Corner Coach is an adjustable and removable seat bump for dirt bikes. This foam wedge is easy to install over your current seat cover and is simple to move around. The Corner Coach wasn’t made to permanently replace the traditional under-the-seat-cover bump, but rather to be a training tool to teach a rider to move forward or as a test to see where you’d want to install a more permanent bump under the seat cover.
WHAT’S IT COST? $34.99.

CONTACT? or [email protected]. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Corner Coach removable seat bump.

(1) History. Nathan Ramsey was the second rider to ever win a 450 main event on a four-stroke, beating Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath at the Pontiac Superdome. Doug Henry was the very first rider to win on a four-stroke at the 1997 Las Vegas Supercross on a Yamaha YZ400. Around the time when Ramsey won his 450 main event, he convinced the Honda team to install the first-ever seat bump on his CRF450 to help him hang on.

(2) Concept. The Corner Coach is a removable and adjustable seat bump that has three different purposes. (A) It’s great for trainers to quickly install on their riders’ seats to help them attain proper technique in a corner. (B) It lets riders test a seat bump to find the correct location without re-upholstering their seat cover. (C) It can be used by riders who want a seat bump sometimes but not all the time.

(3) Testing. On average, it took our test riders two tries to figure out where the seat bump should be positioned. Where to install the bump depends on the length of the rider’s legs and torso, along with his riding style. Most MXA test riders used their chosen position to stop from sliding backwards on the exit of corners. A slippery seat cover on a powerful motorcycle is a recipe for arm pump. Gripper seat covers and grip tape on the frame help riders hang on to the motorcycle with their legs, taking the load off their arms and shoulders to reduce arm pump and fatigue.

Josh Mosiman Trevor Stewart ORTMXA’s Josh Mosiman (43) using the Corner Coach during a race at REM.

(4) Performance. We had to cinch the Corner Coach’s strap down very tight, but once we did, we were surprised how well it stayed in place. One complaint was the bump is larger and wider than the average seat bump, which allowed it to rub against our legs whenever we whipped the bike in the air or stood up going through the whoops. This frustrated some riders but didn’t bother others.

(5) Installation. The install is easy. Remove your seat bolts, slide the Corner Coach over the seat to the desired position, pull the strap tight and tuck the excess strap material under the seat.

(6) Options. There are two options: a smaller 50cc-85cc seat bump and a standard sized, 125cc-and-up seat bump. Additionally, if you decide you like it and want to use a bump full-time, Corner Coach offers a seat bump foam kit for $15.99 to install under your seat cover.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We’d prefer that the edges of the bump were tapered to keep out of the way of our legs. It’s currently a rectangle.

MXA RATING: We’re questioning why we didn’t think of it ourselves. As a training tool, it works great and is affordable! For $34.99, the Corner Coach is an easy buy for trainers to use on their clients’ bikes, for riders who want to try a seat bump for the first time, and for riders who are too lazy to install a gripper seat cover.

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