WHAT IS IT? Cycra Racing is a leader in the hand guard business, which in motocross is more of a niche market. Hand guards are considered taboo by most racers, which is too bad, because hand guards are smart insurance against broken phalanges caused by roost.

WHAT’S IT COST? $79.95.

CONTACT? or (800) 770-2259.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Cycra Racing Rebound hand guards.

(1) Benefits. Racers rarely utilize hand guards, but we think they’re crazy. Why? A rock being shot off the rear tire of a 60-horsepower 450 four-stroke can do serious damage. In fact, MXA test riders have suffered broken knuckles caused by roost—all because they were too proud to use hand guards. Motocross is machismo, and safety items such as hand guards are considered unmanly, but in that case, why don’t we all race in dolphin shorts and flip-flops? We would rather save our knuckles in order to race next weekend.


(2) Rebound. What separates the Cycra Racing Rebound hand guards from anything else on the market is the patented swivel that allows the guards to fold in the event of a crash. Just like a folding lever, the Rebound hand guards pivot forward upon impact and return automatically once the bike has been picked up off the ground. This is an excellent design, because most hand guards shift and move upward in a tip-over. The Rebound mounts remain stationary, while the guards move independently.

(3) Construction. The plastic guards offer give, while the soft rubber edge won’t gouge or scrape you in a crash. The mounting brackets are composed of a sturdy composite plastic that offers moderate impact-resistance. Cycra’s Rebound hand guards are motocross-minded as opposed to off-road-oriented. These are not bark-busters by any means.

(4) Installation. It took less than five minutes to install the Cycra Rebound hand guards. Simply determine whether you would like to mount the guards above or below the handlebars. Fasten the hand guards to the brackets using the provided hardware and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Then mount the brackets to the handlebars with a 4mm Allen wrench. It’s that easy.

(5) Performance. Cycra’s Rebound hand guards are the best in the business. Here’s why: (a) They move in the event of a crash and return to their original position without any need to knock them back into place. (b) Although not as rigid as bark-busters, the Rebound hand guards don’t flex enough to chatter or bend back and slap your fingers. (c) Installation is a breeze. (d) The guards provide a medium amount of coverage without looking obtrusive. (e) Unlike most hand guards, the Rebound guards stick out enough that test riders—even those with paws for hands—didn’t touch the plastic shields. They weren’t distracting.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Price, and price alone.

Do yourself a favor and buy hand guards to protect your digits. And when you do make that smart choice, pay the extra money for the Cycra Racing Rebound hand guards. They are worth every penny.



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