WHAT IS IT? Not only does Honda insist on running dual-exhaust pipes on the 2013–’14 CRF450 and 2014 CRF250, but the rear side panels and number plates are also separate pieces. This means two mufflers, two side panels and two number plates. On a normal, single-exhaust bike, these six parts are limited to three parts. Thankfully, DeCal Works has stepped in to injection-mold one-piece side panels for the CRF.

WHAT’S IT COST? $79.95.

CONTACT? or (815) 784-4000.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the DeCal Works Restyle CRF450 side panels.

(1) Idea. It used to be that aftermarket plastic companies sat back and waited for a given model to sell in large numbers before they offered replacement plastic. As of late, plastics companies have become more creative in their marketing plans. Along with an accelerated production schedule, they have begun to build special-use plastic parts that people want instead of just as replacement pieces. Enter DeCal Works Restyle CRF side panels. This $79.95 plastic kit cleans up the CRF450’s look, combines four parts into two and makes the CRF sleeker.


(2) Performance. When you replace four parts with two, you simplify working on the bike. As a bonus, the injection-molded DeCal Works CRF side panels fit tighter against the chassis, making the boot marks and scuffed-up bulge of the stock parts a thing of the past.

(3) Fitment. The DeCal Works Restyle CRF side-panel kit will work on 2013–’14 CRF450s and the 2014 CRF250. The kit is available in red, white and black.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? This product isn’t going to make your bike faster, handle better or look tricker. It is just a sensible replacement part that does its job quietly. It’s a cool mod, but almost invisible because, unless you know that the CRF has separate number plates, you wouldn’t notice the DeCal Works kit.

This is not a must-have product, but before you spend money to replace the four OEM Honda parts, put DeCal Works on your speed dial. This is a sensible mod that will make your life easier


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