WHAT IS IT? DeCal Works has an entire line of graphics kits that can be customized. It is the ultimate product for a racer interested in showing individual style and promoting his sponsors.

WHAT’S IT COST? $269.90 (semi-custom complete kit), $199.95 (full kit), $59.95 (radiator louver kit).

CONTACT? or (815) 784-4000.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the DeCal Works semi-custom complete graphics kit.

(1) Options. DeCal Works offers an unparalleled expanse of customized graphics options. There are a dozen different graphic styles for the seven motorcycle brands (the “Big Six,” along with Cobra mini cycles). There are a bevy of color choices for each design, which equate to an endless number of options. The semi-custom graphics kit comes with radiator shrouds, swingarm, lower forks, number plate backgrounds, as well as front and rear fender decals.

(2) DeSign Studio Designer. DeCal Works spent months painstakingly developing an online interactive database that allows the user to build a customized graphics package on his computer. It is a convenient way to see a virtual display of what your bike will look like. Additionally, it is possible to upload logos to the DeSign Studio Designer and incorporate them into the graphics. DeCal Works also has a myriad of racing logos available that can be included for a nominal fee. The turnaround time for a semi-custom kit is five days.

(3) Price. At $270, the semi-custom complete graphics kit is not cheap. There are more competitively priced options from other graphics companies, though none offer the customization parameters of DeCal Works. If the price is too steep, perhaps the full kit, which doesn’t include preprinted numbers and retails for $199.95, is a better buy for you. Note that DeCal Works also sells plastics kits, and if you purchase a plastics kit and complete graphics kit together, they will mount the graphics for $25. Additionally, if you purchase pre-printed number-plate backgrounds, along with side-plate and front-number-plate plastics, they will mount the set of plates for free. DeCal Works also sells radiator-louver graphics kits ($59.95 each) for a finished look.

(4) Quality. MXA outfits all of our test bikes with DeCal Works pre-printed numbers because they stand the test of time. The backing adhesive is sturdy and doesn’t leave a residue once removed. Not only that, but the graphics don’t fade or look dingy after long-term abuse. The thick, 19mil material is durable enough to handle abrasions caused by boots and knee braces, but pliable for easy mounting. We took a pressure washer to the graphics and had a difficult time peeling the material up. Good stuff. It is the type of quality we have come to expect from DeCal Works. The graphics also look great.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Our only quibble is the price. Note that DeCal Works offers a less expensive graphics kit.

The DeCal Works semi-custom complete graphics kit is a two-star product for those who don’t care about how their bike looks, but it’s a five-star product for anyone who wants to give his bike a facelift. It’s a winner.
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