WHAT IS IT? The EVS Revo 5 roost deflector is designed to provide roost protection while maintaining a sleek under-the-jersey fit. The updated chest plate also offers more ventilation to help regulate your core temperature.

WHAT’S IT COST? $85.00.

CONTACT? or (888) 724-3005.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the EVS Revo 5 roost deflector.

(1) Protection. The outer shell of the Revo 5 is made from high-impact polymer plastic that covers both the chest area and a good portion of the back. Although chest protectors are all called “roost deflectors” for liability reasons, the Revo 5 does provide protection from more than just roost. A soft, molded, cross-link Bio-Foam is used underneath the polymer plastic and extends an extra 2 inches below the plastic chest plate in the front and also around the torso area on each side. This extra foam increases the area of protection immensely. 

(2) Fit. The Revo 5 roost deflector comes in two different sizes—small/medium and large/extra large. With only two options, the variation between sizes is great. EVS’ F2 and Vex roost deflectors come in four different sizes, ranging from under 75 pounds to over 190 pounds. The Revo 5’s small/medium size fits youth riders under 125 pounds, while the large/extra large is sized for riders over 125 pounds. The over-the-shoulder and torso straps are fully adjustable to take up any slack.

(3) Breathability. The plastic chest plate has ventilation holes that work in conjunction with a breathable mesh fabric layer that lies between the plastic and your skin. This allows air to easily slip through, but it should be noted that ventilation of the roost deflector will depend on the breathability of your jersey. On the protection front, the molded cross-link Bio-Foam interior padding serves as a shock-absorbing barrier between the hard plastic and your skin, and it is used all around the deflector, except in the area behind the chest plate where the breathable mesh is used.


(4) Performance. The EVS Revo 5 roost deflector offers a reasonable amount of ventilation. Riders who drilled holes in their previous roost deflectors will not need to do that with the Revo 5. The back plate is also a nice touch. MXA test riders want body protection that is non-restrictive, and the Revo 5’s three-piece back panel is articulated to move with your body. The back plate is also smaller than most, which our test riders liked. 

(5) Options. The Revo 5 is available in black or white. The shoulder pads use Velcro for easy removal, and the back protection comes off with snap buttons. The deflector is strategically designed to fit all EVS race collars and most neck braces. Integrated loop straps ensure that any EVS race collar will stay in place during use. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two complaints. (1) With only two sizes (youth and adult), there are lots of body shapes that the Revo 5 misses the mark on. It will work for most riders but not all. Try it on before buying. (2) The plastic buckles on the straps are too big and clumsy for a sleek under-the-jersey design.

MXA RATING: If you’re in the Revo 5’s ballpark fit-wise, you will like the overall design of this innovative roost deflector. It is especially nice that it can be worn under or over your jersey while maintaining the perfect balance of protection and comfort.  

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