WHAT IS IT? Fasthouse is a Southern California brand that embodies the SoCal scene of racing hard and having fun. One reason we like Fasthouse is that they sponsor three of the biggest races at Glen Helen every year: the World Two-Stroke Championships, the World Vet Motocross Championship, and Day in the Dirt. Another reason we appreciate Fasthouse is they sponsor lots of local Pro racers (often providing them with bikes to race on), and they pay hefty bonuses if their riders do well. Fasthouse also makes some quality moto gear, including the Originals Air Cooled jersey and Elrod A/C pants tested here. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $65.00 (Air Cooled jersey), $190.00 (Elrod A/C pants).

CONTACT? or (661) 775-5963.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out the Fasthouse Originals Air Cooled jersey and Elrod A/C Vented pants. 

(1) Jersey. The Fasthouse Originals Air Cooled jersey is a one-off jersey that is meant to be mixed and matched with any Fasthouse pants. The jersey is made from a see-through polyester mesh material that holds up well against roost. This jersey is so well vented that the holes couldn’t get any bigger without compromising durability. It’s a true mesh material. The tail of the jersey extends 3 inches to keep it tucked in. 

(2) Pants. The Fasthouse Elrod A/C pants are made with an air-cooled polyester construction that fits snugly around your legs and knee braces. It also has 450-denier reinforced panels in key areas and a 600-denier saddle for added durability. The full-grain leather inner knee panels are 12 inches at their tallest and 5 inches at their widest to increase durability in the area that needs it most. The pant also has a ratchet-type closure, a heavy-duty zipper and Velcro sans-a-belt-style fasteners that help you find a tailored fit. The Velcro straps allow up to 5 inches of adjustment at the waistband. 

(3) Fit. The Fasthouse Originals Air Cooled jersey fits snugly around your neck, chest and arms. There is no excess material flapping in the wind. The extended tail of the jersey helps keep it tucked into the pants. The Elrod A/C pants have an athletic fit. Fasthouse recommends ordering this gear one size up from your normal size if you prefer a relaxed fit. We found that the ventilated A/C Elrod gear actually fits even tighter than the standard Elrod kits‚ especially in the thigh area. The tight thigh area slightly hinders mobility. 

(4) Durability. The full-grain leather inner-knee panels offer protection against heat and abrasions when squeezing your motorcycle. The leather panels wrap around your knee a little farther than most, which can look odd, but it does help your pants last longer, even with a rider who’s constantly ripping graphics off his side panels.

(5) Performance. When the forecast warns of a hot day, the Fasthouse Air Cooled jersey and A/C Elrod pants are up for the task. The mesh jersey is one of the most vented jerseys on the market. We compare all vented apparel to the ultra-breathable Moose Racing Sahara gear, and this jersey is certainly on par. As for the pants, the ventilation is good, but not as good as that of the jersey. 

(6) Options. The Fasthouse Originals Air Cooled jersey is available in sizes small through triple extra large. This jersey doesn’t have matching pants. We tested it with the A/C Elrod pants, but it can be used with any Fasthouse pants. The Elrod A/C gear comes in two different color options—black or white. The pants are available in 28- to 44-inch waists.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The A/C Elrod pants fit tighter than the standard Elrod pants, which already has a slim fit. Because the pants were tight around the thighs, we went one size up just to be comfy. 

MXA RATING: If ordering a size or two bigger hurts your  ego, the breathability of these vented pants is worth a little humility.

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