WHAT IS IT? Flo Motorsports footpegs and risers are designed to provide a wider platform for the riders’ feet, allowing for better grip and more control over the bike. They feature replaceable stainless steel teeth (cleats) that thread into the footpeg platform.

WHAT’S IT COST? $134.95–$159.95 (footpegs), $79.95 (risers).


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Flo Motorsports 3.0 footpegs and footpeg risers.

(1) Options. The footpegs and footpeg risers are available in four different colors: blue, black, silver and jet fuel. The risers are available separately for shorter riders. We tested the blue footpegs on our 2019 YZ250F.

(2) Footpeg installation. To install the Flo Motorsports 3.0 footpegs on a Yamaha YZ250F, start by removing the old pegs. First, pull out the cotter pin and washer underneath the existing pegs. Second, pull the clevis pin, squeeze the spring and pull the old peg off. Third, insert the Flo footpeg in place with the spring. Fourth, once lined up, insert the old clevis pin and add a new cotter pin to hold it in place.  

(3) Footpeg risers. The Flo Motorsports Risers bolt on to the 3.0’s aluminum platform to raise the Flo 3.0 footpegs by 13mm. This allows shorter riders to sit higher on the bike for more butt clearance, bend their knees more than with lower pegs to absorb energy, grip the tank better in the rough, and get more weight on the pegs for increased cornering control. After adding the footpeg risers for our shorter rider, there was a noticeable increase in overall control of the bike. To install the Flo Motorsports footpeg risers, remove the stock cleats from the Flo 3.0 pegs. Line the riser up with the pre-fabricated holes and insert the four supplied bolts to connect the risers to the footpegs. The Flo risers come with new cleats and all the hardware needed. You may have to move your shift lever up and readjust the brake pedal.

(4) Performance. As soon as we sat on our bike, we could feel how sturdy the Flo Motorsports 3.0 footpegs were. The extra-wide 57mm platform gave us a more confident stance while riding. In muddy conditions, some dirt did catch on the pegs, but the 3.0 pegs have a positive draft design to help mud escape out the bottom. Positive draft means that the bottom of the vent hole is larger than the top. The Flo Motorsports 3.0 footpegs made for a more comfortable and confident ride. 

(5) Durability. The Flo Motorsports 3.0 footpegs are designed with rounded edges and self-cleaning mud grooves. The footpeg platforms are made with top-quality, German-grade, 7075 T6 aluminum alloy, which has a tensile strength of 83,000 psi, making its strength-to-weight ratio superior to that of steel. The footpegs are a roomy 57mm wide and 86mm long. The teeth are made of stainless steel. Loctite the teeth to ensure that they aren’t going anywhere during your moto. Replacement cleats are available.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles. (1) There are no directions included with the pegs. This is not a problem for an experienced mechanic, but a first-timer could have difficulty. (2) We wish they had included new cotter pins (to spare us the hassle of a last-minute trip to our friendly local dealer to get new ones).

MXA RATING: The Flo peg offered improved grip and a better platform for the stock YZ250F pegs. The risers were great for our short testers. 

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