WHAT IS IT? Fly Lite Hydrogen race gear is the company’s very popular lightweight performance line with a price point just one step below its premier riding gear. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $49.95 (jersey), $169.95 (pants).

CONTACT? or (208) 319-3079.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen gear.

(1) Jersey. Made of 100-percent polyester fabric, the Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen jersey is light and comfortable with an athletically tailored construction that fits close to the body. Its mesh ventilation panels and laser-cut perforations help dissipate heat. The tailoring includes multi-panel construction to improve flexibility. The collar is low profile and made of multi-directional mesh material. The jersey’s tail extends 3-1/2 inches beyond the jersey’s bottom to keep the jersey tucked into the rider’s pants. It also has small holes grouped together in five different locations for added ventilation.

(2) Pants. Like the jersey, the Fly Lite Hydrogen pants are made from 100-percent polyester, except for the inner knee patches, which are lined with genuine leather. The pants have a stretch-panel construction that allows for maximum comfort and movement. Like the jersey, the pants also have a modern athletic fit. The pants are tailored to your legs with minimal excess material. The leather knee patches are 11-1/2 inches long and 8-1/2 inches wide with DuPont Kevlar stitching to resist heat and wear. The pant legs are pre-bent to fit perfectly when you are in the riding position. The cuffs of the pants have four panels—two being elastic to allow them to slide over your feet with ease. The Lite Hydrogen pants also come with a dial-controlled Boa system waistband that offers fast, on-the-fly micro-adjustability. The stretchable materials that make up the waistband work well with the Boa system. When the Boa system is tightened, the flexible materials create a clean and comfortable waistband that is reinforced by the cable-tightening effect of the Boa System. The pant has a ratchet-type waist closure and Velcro zipper lock. The zipper lock adds another level of security to the waistband.

(3) Fit. The overall fit of the Fly Lite Hydrogen gear is light and comfortable with an athletic and non-restrictive feel. Fly worked hard to ensure its riders have maximum flexibility, breathability and support where needed. If you are a big boy, you need to remember that “athletic fit” is code for tighter-than-traditional gear.

(4) Performance. The MXA test riders liked many features of the Lite Hydrogen gear. The 100-percent polyester was high on the like list, with the new modern athletic fit right behind the material. The range of motion is unrestricted. The Boa system takes some time to adapt to, but once you play with it, you’ll like the micro-adjust capabilities, plus it stops your pants from being pulled down by gripper seat covers. 

(5) Options. Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen gear comes in five different colors. The jersey comes in sizes from small to double extra large. The Lite Hydrogen pants are available in sizes from 28- to 36-inch waists.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Our complaints are minor. With so much emphasis placed on modern gear being lightweight and breathable, durability is sometimes sacrificed. Our testers with large knee braces tore holes into the backside of the knee area where the braces and pants meet the motorcycle. We also would like to see more material on the front of the knee area, as the material ripped when we were roosted.

MXA RATING: If you want to look good, feel good and stay cool, Fly’s breathable 100-percent polyester materials, sturdy Boa System waistband and popular colorways make Fly Lite Hydrogen gear the choice for you.


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