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2017_mx_17243_002_2WHAT IS IT? For the past two years the Fox product design team has been working on redesigning its iconic 360 Racewear with a new pant chassis. The team took what it learned from building its high-end Flex Air gear and incorporated bits and pieces into the Fox 360 Racewear line.

WHAT’S IT COST? $59.95 (jersey), $174.95 (pant).

CONTACT? or (888) 369-7223.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fox 360 Racewear.

(1) Jersey. For 2017 the Fox 360 jersey has generally remained the same. It’s still all about getting cool air in and hot air out. For the complete back, and from the armpits down to the cuffs on the sleeves, Fox uses polyester mesh for ventilation. The cuffs’ stretch fabric lessens restriction around the wrist, but the cuffs are less pliable than last year. A long drop-down tail helps the jersey stay tucked in, but it doesn’t offer any gel material on the tail like some of its competitors. The collar fits well around the neck, but test riders with large heads mentioned they would like the collar to be stretchier for taking the jersey on and off. They had no problems when riding.

2017_mx_17244_002_2(2) Pant. The first thing you notice about the 2017 Fox 360 pant is its weight. It is 5.3 ounces lighter than last year’s 360 pant. The reduction in weight comes from there being less of the TPR molded graphic and lighter Cordura material in the accordion knee panels. The chassis still comes with Fox’s Trumotion four-way stretch panels that run from the crotch down to the ankle cuffs. The stretch material has been scaled down from last year, especially in the knee area. Without the accordion knee panels and extra stretch material in the knee area, the 360 wouldn’t have enough room for bulky knee braces. As it is designed, we had no problems with our braces. The fit had a more rigid feel in the legs, but the crotch area offered a looser fit since the stretch material was replaced with Cordura. Every test rider liked the extra room. The leather knee patches are almost identical to those on the high-end Fox Flex Air pant. Overall, the fit around the waist is a bit bigger. Our size-33 and -34 riders were able to squeeze into a size 32, unlike last year when if you were a size 34 you had to wear a 34.


(3) Comfort. Every test rider felt that the new 360 pant had a more rigid feel that was secure but not restrictive. There was more room offered in key areas like the crotch and less in areas like the knees where the pants were tightened up. The lightness and added ventilation of the laser perforations were a nice touch to keep riders cool and comfortable. The jersey material and the placement of its ventilation panels are superb. We do wish the collar had a bit more flex, and we still miss the contoured elbow pads from a few years back.


(4) Durability. The leather knee patches not only offered supreme durability against abrasion and heat, but also added grip between the rider and the bike. We feel the updates to the material and construction have improved durability over last year. Over time, last year’s stretch panels would eventually tear, so we appreciate the increased strength of the new pant design.


WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles: (1) We would like the collar of the jersey to have more flex. (2) Bring back the elbow padding for some extra protection for when you tip over.


MXA RATING: Once the top-of-the-line Fox gear, 360 Racewear has been overshadowed by the performance-fit Flex Air gear. For 2017 Fox developed a new chassis for the pant that features vastly improved materials, tailoring and fitment. It breathes, moves effortlessly and fits without being restrictive. What more could you ask for from motocross gear?


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