A chest protector from Fox Racing that goes with the Leatt neck brace like peas go with carrots. The Proframe LC is not to be confused with Fox’s Raceframe, Airframe or R3 chest protectors.

WHAT’S IT COST? $99.95 (black, white or black/green); $129.95 (Vortex).

CONTACT? or (888) 369-7223.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fox Racing Proframe LC chest protector. 

(1) Options. The biggest selling point of the Proframe LC is that it’s compatible with the Leatt and Omega neck braces. Instead of using a hacksaw to cut space around the front and rear portion of a chest protector (like you have to do with many standard chest protectors), you simply adjust the Velcro straps on the Proframe LC. In less than a minute, testers were able to comfortably fit the Fox chest protector with a Leatt brace. Follow these steps to properly mate the two: (a) Peel the Velcro tabs on the front of the Proframe LC and lengthen the area between the front plate and the shoulder straps. (b) With one section of the Leatt neck brace open, place it around your head and slide the rear portion of the Leatt underneath the chest protector’s back plate. (c) Close the tab on the neck brace. (d) Slide the front of the Leatt underneath the front chest protector plate. (e) Lift up on the left shoulder strap and tuck the left wing of the Leatt underneath. (f) Do the same for the right side. The Proframe LC is not compatible with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support.

(2) Comfort. The best compliment a chest protector can receive is when a rider states that he doesn’t notice it while riding. This is the case with the Proframe LC. The reason for this is the pre-curved front plate, which molds to many different body shapes. The LC feels tailor-made to all body types, from chubby buddies to bean poles. The soft Bio Foam liner is plush, yet dense enough to stop roost from peppering flesh.

(3) Sizing. The Proframe LC comes in two adult sizes: small/medium and large/extra large. Riders 5-feet 8-inches and taller felt that a large/extra large Fox chest protector fit best. The Proframe LC has an adjustable back plate that can be extended simply by removing three bolts. As for the side straps, they are simple, effective and adjustable with one hand. The buckles click into the front plate with ease, and nothing short of a grenade can loosen them.  

(4) Protection. We were happy to discover that the Proframe LC came with a free, optional, clear, strapless, back system. It gave nostalgic test riders visions of Mike LaRocco during his glory days. While looking cool, it doesn’t offer the maximum amount of protection. Still, for those interested in roost prevention at the cost of back protection, look no further than the Proframe LC’s strapless system. Simply remove the back plate with three bolts and install the clear strap. It should be noted that the chest protector doesn’t come with plastic shoulder or arm guards. As for air dispersion, there are several ventilation holes on the front of the Proframe LC. We cut out the triangular foam area behind the front plate for improved ventilation. If you’re really worried about the heat, buy the white version.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Ultra-safety-conscious riders might be turned off by the lack of plastic shoulder and arm guards on the Proframe LC.

If you wear a Leatt neck brace and a chest protector, the Proframe LC is a five-star product. It is comfortable, easy to adjust, protective and lightweight. Even for those riders who don’t wear a neck brace, it’s a quality chest protector.

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