WHAT IS IT? If you are looking for a little more oomph from your Husqvarna TC125, there is a simple bolt-on big-bore kit that will give it to you.

WHAT’S IT COST? $799.99 (head, cylinder, piston, rings, gaskets, ECU, wrist pin and power valve)

CONTACT? Your local Husqvarna dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Husqvarna TC150 big-bore engine kit.

(1) Problem. Husqvarna doesn’t offer a 150cc two-stroke, just a 125. This fact, and this fact alone, made the MXA wrecking crew want a Husqvarna TC150. You always want what you can’t have.

(2) The job. How do you make your own TC150? Husqvarna offers a $799.99 big-bore kit. All we had to do was order the kit and spend an evening in the garage swapping top ends. Since the stroke remained the same and only the bore was increased, the cases could be left alone. The transition was no tougher than changing a piston and rings.

There were a few tricks to installing the Husqvarna TC150 engine kit. First, we had to swap out the black box for the new one supplied in the kit. Second, the jetting had to be watched closely on the first ride. Surprisingly we had to go one main leaner; you will have to fine-tune it for your altitude, temperature and riding style. Third, the only part we had to steal from the TC125 engine was the power-valve linkage. We didn’t want to do this, so we ordered all-new power-valve links to install in our TC150 top end. Since we left the TC125 cylinder intact, we could set it on the shelf as a complete race-ready 125cc top end (head, cylinder, piston, rings and power valve) for an emergency.

(3) Price. For today’s day and age, the price is not outrageous for a bolt-on item. You would spend more at your local hop-up shop.

(4) Performance. The TC150 has a heavy throttle feel, as the bike tends to rev slower than the TC125. It was even noticeable that it revved slower than the almost-identical KTM 150SX. Third gear under a load was a little harder to shift compared to the TC125 because of the added torque. There was no doubt that the 150cc big-bore engine was more powerful than the TC125 engine. It could easily clear jumps that the smaller engine struggled over. However, it wasn’t as fluid from gear to gear, and most MXA test riders felt that they could turn faster lap times on the 125cc engine than on the 150. Race gas really brought the TC150 to life, as the big-bore head has more compression. A 50/50 mix of C12/pump gas was an easy fix. If you want to run the more exotic VP MRXO2, you will need jetting changes.

(5) Buyer. Overall, Novices, Vets and play riders preferred the TC150 over the TC125. Intermediates to Pros picked the TC125.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We don’t know why Husqvarna doesn’t offer a production TC150, but because they don’t, not every Husky dealer is in tune with the Husqvarna’s accessory division, which means you might be searching for parts at your KTM dealer. For example, the 300cc Power Parts upgrade kit for the 2019 TC250 and KTM 250SX isn’t available yet, but you can order the cylinder, head, black bx, piston, rings and power valve parts from the KTM 300XC to build a do-it-yourself 300cc Husky or KTM.

MXA RATING: There is a ready-made audience for a big-bore-anything—and the same thing is true for the Husqvarna TC150. It is the perfect way to make your 125 have more power while keeping your 125 options` alive.

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