WHAT IS IT? The Kreft PowerDial 2.0 is an easy-to-install KTM 250SX/300XC power-valve adjuster. It replaces the stock KTM system so that adjustments can be made in seconds.

WHAT’S IT COST? $95.00 (black anodized or KTM orange).

CONTACT? or (970) 403-2715.


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Kreft PowerDial 2.0.

(1) Function. In stock trim, the KTM 250SX and 300XC have a preload adjuster, but it takes tools to access and change. The Kreft PowerDial 2.0 allows the spring preload to be changed without tools. This is a big plus, because it allows a rider to test as many power-valve settings as he wants without tools. In fact, MXA test riders could pull over to the side of the track and adjust it in seconds before continuing on their merry way.

(2) Flapper. The power valve is a flap located on the cylinder exhaust port, where burnt gases are flushed out of the cylinder. At low rpm, the flap is held closed to make the exhaust port smaller to help provide torque. As revs build, the flap gradually opens, expanding the exhaust port for maximum power. This gives your two-stroke engine broad, usable power. The KTM power valve is held closed by a pair of springs, and exhaust gases force it open as they increase velocity and push harder against the flap.

(3) Adjustment. The power valve is held in the closed position by a spring. You can change the rpm at which the valve opens by adjusting the preload on the spring, which is what the PowerDial 2.0 does. This has a noticeable effect on the power delivery.

(4) Counterclockwise. Which way should you turn the PowerDial for more power? Turn the PowerDial counterclockwise for a more aggressive hit. Conversely, turn the adjuster clockwise to smooth out the power delivery.

(5) Direction. Once the PowerDial was installed, the MXA test riders started by turning the adjuster in one-half turn and then out one-half turn. The difference between the two settings was easily recognized. In the end, every MXA test rider made his adjustments by turning the dial counterclockwise to get more hit. With a little fine-tuning and a few minutes of testing, you can get the power that best suits your tracks, riding style or weather conditions. It’s that easy.

(6) Owner’s manual. The KTM owner’s manual warns riders not to touch the power-valve settings, but that is because they don’t think that you are smart enough to do it. The Kreft PowerDial increases your IQ by 20 points.

(7) Fitment. The Kreft PowerDial fits all KTM 250SX and 300XC two-strokes from 1998 through 2015. It does not work on KTM 125 or 150 models.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No serious complaints. It installed in five minutes with the only issue being KTM’s use of a relatively rare square Allen head bolt on the stock adjuster. We stuck a flat-bladed screwdriver in the square slot to back it out.

The Kreft PowerDial 2.0 power-valve adjuster won’t give your KTM 250SX or 300XC more power; it will just let you unleash all the power that is in there.



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