WHAT IS IT? Have you ever had a low-speed tip-over end your day because it cracked the plastic throttle housing on your trusty scoot? If it was on a KTM, there is both a solution and a preventative measure available at your local dealer.

WHAT’S IT COST? $24.99.

CONTACT? or your friendly local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the KTM PowerParts throttle cable guard.

(1) Problem area. Given KTM’s control layout, the dual throttle cables are mounted right-side-up on the bars. This means that the plastic throttle housing is prone to breakage where the molded-in plastic ferrules, which guide the throttle cables out of the housing, are situated. Amazingly, since these two plastic fittings are covered by a rubber cable cover, they often break without the rider knowing it. If they do break, there is a significant chance of either throttle cable hanging up on the broken parts. MXA has broken this part several times in the past and it is not a cheap fix. You will need a whole new throttle housing, and that runs about $60.

ktm-throttle-gaurd-2This is the stock KTM throttle cable setup.

(2) Upgrade. KTM PowerParts makes a special aluminum clamshell reinforcement that fits over the two fragile plastic cable ferrules and bonds them to the throttle housing itself. MXA has used the PowerParts throttle cable guard two different ways: (a) Band-Aid. If we break the ferrules off of the throttle body in a crash, we install the aluminum clamshell over the broken parts to act as a splint. Typically, this fixes the throttle well enough to make it through the race day. (b) Protector. Obviously, the best way to use the PowerParts throttle cable guard is to install it on the bike and allow it to reinforce the weak link in the throttle housing design before you crash.

ktm-throttle-gaurd-3PowerParts aluminum clamshell encases the two plastic ferrules, that hold the cables, so they are less likely to break in a crash. Next year’s KTM has a totally new throttle cable arrangement.

(3) Installation. It takes five minutes to mount and involves four steps. First, pull the rubber cover back to expose the plastic ferrules. Second, place the aluminum clamshell over the throttle cable ferrules. Third, tighten the supplied Allen bolt. Finally, pull the rubber cover over the housing.

2016ThrottleCablesFor 2016 KTM will move the cable adjusters up to the top and support the cable with a nylon guide.

(4) Performance. The MXA wrecking crew specializes in foreseeable impacts that not only break motorcycle parts but the rocks they hit against. It would be foolish for us to say that this $25 part will eliminate all broken throttles in the future, but we have enough experience to know that aluminum parts hold up better than plastic ones.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

It’s not a guarantee against breakage, but better than trusting fate.
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