WHAT IS IT? The Leatt Adventure Lite isn’t a conventional chest protector; it’s a roost deflector that is tailor-made to work with a Leatt neck brace.

WHAT’S IT COST? $95.00 (black or white), $129.00 (graphics).

CONTACT? or (800) 691-3314.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Leatt Adventure Lite chest protector.

(1) Functionality. The days of using a hacksaw to customize a chest protector so that it is compatible with a neck brace are (thankfully) long gone. Many gear companies have redesigned their chest protectors to work in conjunction with neck braces, so it’s only fitting that Leatt, the company at the forefront of the neck protection movement, developed their own line of chest protectors. Enter the Adventure Lite, which works for both neck-brace wearers and those who simply want the safety of a chest protector. Unscrew four fasteners (two in the front, two in the back) and remove the upper plastic plates to make the Adventure Lite neck-brace compliant. The Adventure Lite works with both Leatt and Alpinestars braces, but doesn’t fit with the Omega or Atlas designs.

(2) Comfort.
The Leatt Adventure Lite is very comfortable thanks to Velcro adjusters that allow for a customized fit. These adjusters can raise or lower the front or back plates up to 3 inches. The chest protector fits a wide range of riders. The snap-in cinch straps stay secure, but we wish the straps were longer for greater adjustability. There are also shoulder straps that help anchor the Leatt neck brace to the Adventure Lite.  

(3) Protection. We were satisfied with the construction of the Adventure Lite. The biofoam liner is thicker in high-impact areas, and the chest plates seem impenetrable. Having said that, the Leatt Adventure Lite isn’t for everyone. Several test riders refuse to wear a chest protector that doesn’t have shoulder cups. If you’re in this group, then might we suggest the Leatt Adventure? At $119, this full-coverage protector has shoulder and upper-arm guards. Most testers didn’t complain about the lack of shoulder protection.

(4) Options.
Leatt’s design department got a little crazy with the Tech and Cage graphics. The Tech design reminds us of a cyborg, while the Cage design looks like a skeleton. These designs are an additional $34. If you’re the more subtle type, the Adventure Lite comes in black or white.

We have three complaints: (1) Proponents of shoulder protection will be turned off by the Adventure Lite. (2) We wish that the cinch straps were longer. (3) Although the chest protector was designed specifically for a Leatt brace, we would like to see the Adventure Lite work with a wider range of neck braces.

Not surprisingly, the Adventure Lite and Leatt neck brace go together like peas and carrots (and in that pairing it is a four-star product). Without a neck brace or compatibility with an Atlas or Omega, it loses a star. 

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