WHAT IS IT? LitPro is a motocross training device designed to improve lap times by overlapping line choice, tracking speeds, G-forces and jumping distances. The device can also track your heart rate when you wear a heart-rate monitor strap that is compatible with the LitPro.

WHAT’S IT COST? $499.00. Live timing, directly to a smart phone in the pits, requires a $15 per month fee.

CONTACT? or (951) 760-0917.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the LitPro moto analytics device.

(1) Mounting. To mount the LitPro, clean the flattest area on the top of your helmet. Attach the 1-1/2-inch strip of Velcro on the area you just cleaned, then place the LitPro device with the light indicator (antennae) facing towards the back of the helmet and line up the Velcro on the bottom of the device with the piece on the helmet. LitPro does not recommend attaching their device to the bike due to vibration. It can compromise the data.

(2) Getting started. To get the data off the device, you will need an iPad or iPhone. You have to go to the App Store and download the LitPro MX and LitPro sync apps. The first time you use the LitPro, you will need to pair the device. Make sure you have the LitPro near your smartphone and turned on. If you don’t have a LitPro account, you will first need to create one. Once paired, it will show up as an available device to select from. After a moto, make sure you have an active internet connection, then go to the LitPro sync app and touch the sync option to import the data to the LitPro MX app.

(3) Appearance. The LitPro is a sleek, all-black, durable plastic unit that is minimal-looking when riding.

(4) Performance. The LitPro device didn’t disappoint us. We used the device multiple times with different riders on a variety of tracks. Our best LitPro test was during our 2017 450 four-stroke shootout. We put a device on each of our eight test riders and collected data from each bike they rode. It was a great way to compare lap times, top speed and G-forces.

(5) Heart-rate monitor. The LitPro device can also be synced to a heart-rate monitor. It was a nice addition, as we didn’t have to wear a wristwatch. This made it convenient to view the heart-rate analysis and on-track data in one place. LitPro did most of their testing with the Polar H7, but we used the Polar Bluetooth version that worked well.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles. (1) The $499 price is not unreasonable, although we didn’t like that the LitPro was only compatible with iOS devices. (2) It’s complicated for the average user. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly.

MXA RATING: How much do you care about your lap times? If it’s important to you, LitPro is an incredibly useful tool to any racer.

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