WHAT IS IT? The MotoMassager was created to help riders by warming up muscles before riding for increased performance and by massaging the muscles after riding to speed up recovery. The MotoMassager is quiet and easy to take with you to the track or gym.  

WHAT’S IT COST? $149.00.

CONTACT? or [email protected]

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the MotoMassager recovery tool. 

(1) Concept. The MotoMassager uses percussion therapy to increase blood flow in your muscles. Percussion therapy has been around for a while, but it has gained more traction in recent years. The electric gun works like a jackhammer, creating rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses. These quick bursts of pressure agitate any area of the body you put it on, creating deep muscle stimulation that helps loosen up muscles. The stimulation improves blood flow, which helps speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness.  

(2) Recovery. For recovery, make sure to focus the gun on a sensitive area of your body, such as your forearms, upper arm, quadriceps (thigh muscles), hip flexor or IT bands (iliotibial bands). If one muscle is particularly tender after riding or working out, it’s likely your muscle has balled up so tightly to protect itself that it has formed a knot. This won’t repair itself quickly, because the knot is hindering blood flow in and out of the muscle. Blood is needed to bring nutrition to the muscle and to keep it hydrated. The increased blood flow also helps flush lactic acid from the sore area to speed up recovery time.

(3) Arm pump. The most common nemesis in motocross is arm pump, and everyone has struggled with it to some extent or another. Some top Pros have scars all down their forearms from having surgery to open up their fascia tissue in an attempt to combat arm pump. Even that procedure doesn’t always work. Arm pump can come from inadequate bike setup, bad technique, nerves, fatigue, holding your breath and countless other things. The MotoMassager, and percussion therapy guns like it, will never completely cure the issue of arm pump for everyone, but it can help by improving blood flow before and after riding. Plus, it’s a lot better than surgery. 

(4) Instructions. When you hammer a knot in your muscle, the idea is to break it up. Press and massage the muscle and then back off the gun so that blood flow can get in, then continue to press in again. Generally, people will experience significant initial release when using the massage gun, but because of this release, they often don’t continue to massage the area because it hurts. This leads to a relief that only lasts a little bit, and they miss out on the full benefits. Be sure to continue to massage the sore muscle, even after it feels better, to promote that blood flow.

(5) How it works. This technology has been around for over 10 years now, and odds are you’ve seen percussion therapy in commercial ads before. The MotoMassager isn’t an original product discovered by riders, but it does work well and it comes in at a competitive price point compared to other massage guns. 

(6) Options. The MotoMassager comes with six different-shaped attachments for customizing the massage. We preferred the standard ball fitment for most muscles and liked the flat tip for warming up muscles because it is less abrasive. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles: First, the touchscreen display has a power button that can be confusing. It really acts as a start/stop button, because the on switch is actually on the bottom of the handle, next to the charging port. This didn’t make much sense. Second, the gun stops pulsing after five minutes, and you have to restart it again. 

MXA RATING: Before learning how to use the massage gun, our testers didn’t feel the full benefits because they would only use it for a couple of minutes at a time. Once they learned to spend more time focusing on one area, they noticed improvements in recovery, and now they continue to use it.

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