WHAT IS IT? For 2023-2024, KTM changed their chassis, and GasGas will be doing the same starting with the 2023-1/2 GasGas Factory Edition models. The new chassis is stiffer and rides higher in the rear. Additionally, the stock linkage has a “flat” curve that is stiffer initially and gets softer later in the travel. Pro Circuit’s linkage flips the script by starting out plusher and then getting stiffer as you go deeper in the stroke.

WHAT’S IT COST? $455.00. 

CONTACT? or (951) 738-8050.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Pro Circuit 2023 KTM linkage. 

(1) Stock performance. The stiffer 2023–2024 frames require a longer break-in period; however, once broken in, the new bikes are very balanced and stable. The “flat” progression curve of the stock KTM linkage holds up well for faster riders in soft conditions. Softer dirt increases traction and pulls down harder on the suspension. The firm “hold-up” of the stock linkage is seemingly made for these types of conditions.  

(2) Concept. Pro Circuit’s Luke Boyk, who designed this linkage, explained that the stock KTM linkage curve is better for faster riders who hit the throttle harder and demand more hold-up out of their suspension. In contrast, the Pro Circuit linkage is more comfortable and rider friendly. It softens the initial feel of the rear end and lets the shock get progressively stiffer as it compresses. This formula helps with rider comfort in the rough and provides confidence-inspiring hold-up whenever the rider lands hard off a jump. 

(3) Spring rate. One important note: the Pro Circuit linkage changes the rising rate enough that the shock requires a 0.4 spring rate increase. If you’re on a 4.0 spring rate currently, you’ll need a 4.4 with this linkage. 

(4) Performance. When testing the Pro Circuit linkage on our 2023 KTM 450SXF, our test riders could feel the difference. The Pro Circuit linkage made it much easier to find traction in the corners and soaked up choppy bumps more easily. The biggest benefits were in hard-packed corners where the stock rising rate struggled to find traction. The seat height in the pits didn’t change with the Pro Circuit link, but the ride height on the track felt slightly lower because the shock compressed with less effort initially. Additionally, a common test rider complaint about the stock linkage was that the last couple inches of travel didn’t have adequate compression damping. The Pro Circuit link’s more aggressive rate change fixed this. 

(5) Fitment. The Pro Circuit linkage works on 2023 KTM big bikes. It also works on the 2023-1/2 GasGas Factory Editions and Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Edition. Next year, it will work on the 2024 GasGas big bikes, because they will have the new chassis.  

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? If you’re a Pro, or if you primarily ride on tracks with soft dirt, you don’t need this linkage. 

MXA RATING: The Pro Circuit linkage is definitely a step in the right direction. It worked great for our Vet and Novice test riders, while our Pro test riders liked it when the track was hard-packed, but preferred the initial hold-up of the stock linkage when riding on soft, tacky tracks.  



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