WHAT IS IT? A completely new shock linkage for your 2023–2024 Honda CRF250. Research Engineering Performance’s (REP) new link is designed to deliver more initial comfort while maintaining a more consistent feel across the stroke. The system does not look that much different from the standard linkage because it gets its new rising-rate curve from the changes to the bell crank.

WHAT’S IT COST? $600.00.

CONTACT? or (951) 600-2200. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the 2023–2024 REP CRF250 linkage system.

(1) Performance. What the MXA test riders discovered with REP’s CRF250 rising-rate linkage was a more stable bike, a calmer rear end and an increase in overall comfort. The shock was more compliant and tracked better in rough conditions. In addition to this, there was an increase in square-edged bump absorption. 

(2) Tech. How did the new bell-crank curve achieve all of this from a technical standpoint? First, the REP shock linkage has a much stiffer rising-rate curve. Now, you may think that is a step in the wrong direction, but the reason REP went stiffer on the rising rate was to allow the shock to be capable of running a spring that is much lighter than the stock spring rate. The REP rate change makes the CRF250 system less spring dependent and more damping controlled. Need examples? The first three-quarters of the shock’s stroke has less rate change to provide a more consistent feel, while the last quarter of the shock’s stroke has a more progressive ratio (i.e., stiffer feel). This two-stage rising rate actually balances out to be more compliant on small chatter, braking bumps and the dreaded square-edged bump while still having enough bottoming resistance to keep the rear of the chassis from dropping too deep in its stroke. The MXA test riders quickly felt improved comfort over the complete stroke.  

In short, the REP rising-rate curve enables the CRF250’s rear end to spend less time deep in the stroke, delivering a better feel for most of the shock’s stroke, since it is softer initially. The shock feels more compliant while still having enough stiffness at the end of the stroke to eliminate bottoming.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Since you are changing not only the linkage but also the shock spring and internal damping, this becomes an expensive shock mod.

MXA RATING: The REP link offers increased initial comfort over the stock rising-rate link and adds a more positive feel in the rough.


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