WHAT IS IT? Scalvini Racing was started by former 125cc and 250cc GP road race winner Gianluigi Scalvini. After retiring from racing, he continued with his passion for motorcycles by developing performance exhaust systems. The 2019 KTM 125SX Scalvini Factory Works two-stroke pipe is handmade. The Italian pipe looks incredible. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $279.00 (cone pipe), $175.00 (aluminum/carbon silencer), $275.00 (full carbon silencer). 

CONTACT? or (760) 949-0941.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Scalvini KTM 125SX cone pipe and aluminum silencer.

(1) Cone pipe. Scalvini pipes are known for their exotic looks and quality materials. Gianluigi Scalvini is proud of his hand-cut and-welded two-stroke pipes. Scalvini knows that they could make two-stroke pipes cheaper and quicker by switching to stamped sections like their competition, but Scalvini doesn’t want to. The company wants to make products the Old World way. (Although it should be noted that some parts of the Scalvini KTM 125SX pipe are made from stampings because of the tight curves in the head pipe. Making individual cones for this section would not only take more time but raise the cost of the pipe significantly.) 

(2) Stock power. In stock trim the 2019 KTM 125SX produces more power than ever. It peaks out at 38.23 horsepower. Impressive, right? However, you still have to ride it like a two-stroke. That means wringing it out, abusing the clutch and keeping it high in the rpm range. In a perfect world, MXA’s faster test riders would want the stock pipe to have more mid-range hit, while our Vet and slower test riders would prefer more top-end so that they could stay in one gear longer. KTM couldn’t make everyone happy with one pipe.

(3) Scalvini power. The Scalvini factory test riders found that when shifting under a load it was easier to stay in the meat of the powerband. Guess what? Scalvini couldn’t make everyone happy with one pipe. Our Novice and Vet-level riders felt that the Scalvini pipe wouldn’t let them run as high in the powerband as they wanted. They complained that it was harder to get in the meat of the powerband and that it was hard when exiting corners. 

(4) Jetting. Compared to the stock pipe, the Scalvini had a lean pop under a load, and it would detonate in the hands of our Pro test riders. MXA went from the stock 500 mainjet to a 510 and threw in a splash of VP C12 to be on the safe side.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We had four quibbles. (1) The pipe spring hooks were too far down on the pipe. No big deal. The springs would stretch if you used some Stretch Armstrong muscle. (2) The fatter cone in the mid-pipe interfered with the kickstarter closing all the way. We had to reposition the kickstarter on its spline. (3) The Scalvini silencer is shorter than stock and only uses one mounting bracket. (4) There was blow-by where the silencer and stinger connect. The stock rubber connector could be tighter.  

MXA RATING: The Scalvini pipe and silencer offered  improved mid-to-top power. The overall change in the 125SX powerband suits Intermediate- and Pro- level riders best. The looks favor everyone with good taste.


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