WHAT IS IT? The Slasher Performance motorcycle stand is a powdercoated, aluminum or steel motorcycle stand made for the garage or the track. No product is offered by as many brands in as many configurations and materials as the ubiquitous bike stand. Bike stands come in steel, aluminum and plastic. They vary in type, from stationary to foot-powered lift to roll-on lift and even electric-powered lift. The list of companies that produce bike stands includes Cycra, Matrix, Moose Racing, Pro Circuit, Systems, Works Connection, Tusk, Fly, Polisport, Acerbis and Slasher. Prices vary from $30 to $350, depending on the bells and whistles. Slasher offers several different models of stands, including steel, aluminum and lift. MXA chose to test the basic Bare Bones steel stand.

WHAT’S IT COST? $107.99 (steel/foot lift), $57.99 (aluminum/panel), $37.99 (steel/panel) and $32.71 (steel/Bare Bones).

CONTACT? or your local MTA dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Slasher Bare Bones motorcycle stand.

(1) Design. There is nothing special about the design of the Slasher Bare Bones motorcycle stand. It is simple, looks like virtually every other steel tube stand and gets the job done for a very affordable price ($32.71). It stands 16 inches tall. The bike is cradled on a 10-inch by 10-inch platform that has a rubber pad secured by 16 rivets. The platform has a 4-inch oil-drain hole for making oil changes possible without removing some models of bikes from the stand. The stand is available in silver, blue, orange, red, green, black and white.

(2) Performance. The bottom bars of the Slasher motorcycle stand are a flattened tubing that can dig into the dirt to keep it stable when at the track or on the concrete in the garage. It is easy to transport, and, best of all, you can flip it upside down and fit your gas can in to maximize space in your truck or van.

(3) Durability. The Slasher Bare Bones motorcycle stand is made of steel, but, because of its straightforward construction, it only weighs about a pound more than the typical aluminum stand at 6.5 pounds. There is also an additional reinforcing tube underneath the top platform to keep the flat surface from bowing under repeated blows from your bike’s frame. We did not have any problems with the rivets holding the rubber pad breaking or pulling out. The stand is powdercoated and held up well to being stacked with other stands; there was minor scratching but no chipping.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The only squawk we had with the Slasher Bare Bones stand was that it is a basic stand, and if you wanted to personalize it, you would need to order the steel Slasher panel stand, which costs $5 more.

MXA RATING: This isn’t the lightest stand by any means, but it can take a beating, and that is what we love about it. It is a minimalist stand that is made for the rugged outdoors.

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