WHAT IS IT? It’s a sock-like, 25-micron, nylon fuel filter that hangs from the filler hole of the fuel tank to strain out dirt and debris that could clog the injector or fuel pump of a fuel-injected bike.


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WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Splitstream’s fuel filter.

(1) Dirt invasion. Look in the bottom of that trusty old gas can that you have been taking to the track for years and you’re sure to find a few chunks of dirt at the bottom. The same is true for your bike’s fuel tank. Your bike’s fuel-filter system can withstand quite a bit of dirt, but it will eventually clog and start to starve the engine in high-demand fuel situations. Simply put, clog equals bog.

(2) Installation
. The Splitstream fuel filter is a snap to install. Unscrew the filler cap. Drop the nylon Splitstream filter into the tank and lightly press the plastic pieces down. That’s all there is to it. It can be left in forever.

(3) Manufacturers.
After their first generation of electronic fuel-injected bikes, many of the OEMs have seen the need for a better fuel-filter system. Some have utilized an extra screen, repositioned the system at a more accessible angle and/or created more space below the intake for dirt to accumulate. But none have solved the problem.

(4) Race teams. Factory mechanics use filter-equipped funnels when refueling the bikes of the stars. Factory KTM is doubly cautious, using a filter funnel and a Splitstream filter. Race teams also clean their gas cans, gas tanks and fuel-filter systems between races. Most weekend warriors don’t want to bother with funnels and time-consuming maintenance. The Splitstream unit is the easiest option.

(5) Testing. Our Splitstream filters fit well and didn’t create any sealing problems with our gas caps. The fuel permeates the filter quickly; we didn’t have to pour the fuel any slower. It was more difficult to check the fuel level, because the filter blocks some of your view of the inside of the gas tank. When the tank is half full, the fuel starts to pool above the bottom of the filter and becomes clearly visible.

(6) Applications.
The Splitstream filter is available for CRF250s, CRF450s, KX250Fs, KX450Fs and 2011?12 KTM 250/350SXFs. We think that dirt is more prone to being knocked into the old-style KTM gas tank, since it has no raised threads (which they fixed with the new-style thread on cas). The quick-fill/dry-break refueling system used by offroad guys has a tendency to dump a lot of dirt into the fuel tank and could really benefit from a Splitstream filter?but no such luck.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Splitstream doesn’t make a fuel filter for Suzukis or Yamahas.

In the mudslinging sport of motocross, dirt will get into absolutely everything. Splitstream’s fuel filter is cheap insurance without the inconvenience of having to use a funnel.

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