The yearly 90-minute review of the AMA 250/450 National Championship from the men who brought you the “The Great Outdoors.” This is the 15th video in the “The Great Outdoors” collection.

WHAT’S IT COST? $24.95.


Here’s a list of things that stand out with “The Great Outdoors: Man The Machine” DVD.

(1) Critic’s review. We liked it better than last year’s “American Summer,” but that isn’t saying much. “American Summer” was the worst “The Great Outdoors” episode ever. This one is only a little better?but nowhere near as good as the great films that Troy Adamitis made from 2002 until 2007. Either Troy has lost his mojo, or he is working under some serious restrictions from MX Sports and Alli Sports. The only reason to buy “Man The Machine” is to complete your “The Great Outdoors” collection.

(2) Story line. It seems obvious that Adamitis was working with limited footage, because “Man The Machine,” which is billed as a 2010 AMA National Championship review, skipped complete Nationals, skimmed over others in less than two minutes, and failed to cover many of the notable events from the 2010 season. They did focus on the big picture: Dungey’s domination, Alessi’s 350 adventure, Josh Grant’s hatred of Alessi, and the Canard/Pourcel showdown, but missed just as much (no mention of Kyle Regal or Clement DeSalle).

(3) Extras. We can only assume that there was no extra footage left over (not even bloopers from the talking head interviews).

(4) Announcing. Hated it. “Man The Machine” used the two AMA National track announcers to make the events seem current and immediate, but at least 10 times in the film we heard them proclaim “…and Canard makes the pass,” but without any footage. In fact, of all the passes made in 2010, “Man The Machine” seems to have missed 90 percent of them. This DVD would have been so much better with a documentary-style narrator telling the story and filling in the action (especially since most of it was missing).

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The big downside for Troy Adamitis is that everybody loved his unique camera angles and creative approach to motocross five years ago. None of that is evident in “Man The Machine.” The current Adamitis projects are mere shadows of what he is capable of. He has been sleepwalking through the last three years.

We gave 2009’s “American Summer” three stars, but we take that back. “Man the Machine” is a three-star video, and “American Summer” is only two stars.

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