WHAT IS IT? The Trigger is a push-button, on/off valve that allows you to control the fuel flow into your bike’s tank. Thanks to an internal vent hose, the fuel flows freely when the thumb-operated button is pushed.

WHAT’S IT COST? $26.99.

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Trigger push-button gas hose.

(1) Learning curve. When you first install the Trigger on your gas can, it is not easy to use. You have to figure out the most comfortable way to hold 30 pounds of gas chest high while pressing a button with your thumb. We supported the bottom of the gas jug with our right hand and placed our left hand around the Trigger’s spout mechanism with the push button aimed up and 45 degrees to the left. This way, we could pour the gas, control the weight and use our left thumb to press the button. The most important part is finding the perfect angle for the push button.

(2) Fitment. We used Stroker Industries’ Trigger on our VP Racing plastic jug. The red heavy-duty Acetal plastic control valve threads onto the jug where the normal spout would go. There are Nitrile/Viton seals to eliminate leaks. Best of all, fuel flows out of the Trigger faster than it does a plastic hose spout.

(3) Beware. Don’t lose the plastic cap that goes on the end of the spout hose. It’s oversized and not easily replaced at the hardware store. We had issues with the internal vent hose falling off the underside of the Trigger mechanism. When this happens, fuel leaks out of the vent system when you try to pour fuel into your bike. Worse yet, the vent hose falls to the bottom of the gas can. We had to transfer fuel to an empty 5-gallon jug to get the plastic vent tube out.

(4) The law. Some states don’t believe that a cap on the end of the spout seals a gas can, which is why many gas-can companies call their gas cans “utility jugs.” That way, they aren’t selling illegal gas cans. If your state requires a shut-off valve, the Trigger system should satisfy any picky Highway Patrol officer.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Be sure to leave the vent cap on your jug slightly open during storage, because on a hot day we had gas burble up the hose when we pressed the trigger of the Trigger.

MXA RATING: We liked how fast the fuel flowed into our tank and how easy it was to stop it before it overflowed; however, it is a little difficult to master.

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