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29103930AWHAT IS IT? Thor’s Pulse gear is its lower-line race wear. You can buy the complete pant/jersey/glove combo for $153. For the price, this gear is functional and durable.

WHAT’S IT COST? $32.95 (jersey), $99.95 (pants), $24.95 (gloves).

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Thor Pulse gear.

(1) Jersey. The Thor Pulse jersey is made of a 100-percent polyester moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the rider cool and dry. The jersey itself is on the longer side, which is good for tucking it into your pants. The sleeves are a little snug, but you can tug on them to loosen the seams a bit. The soft-stretch collar fits well against the rider’s neck, and dirt doesn’t go down the jersey. If you don’t like a snug fit around the neck, this jersey may not be for you, even though the soft-stretch collar is very comfortable. There is no annoying tag on the neck, as it is heat-transferred on.

(2) Pants. The Thor Pulse pants are made of a polyester and nylon mix and are very lightweight. The sans-a-belt waist has a pulley-type cinching system with a rubber end, so it is easy to grab and adjust. Ordering the accurate size is important, as the waist offers precise sizing. We noted that the pant legs were on the short side of the sizing scale, thus you may have to upsize the waist size to get the length if you are tall. For riders under 6 feet, it was no problem. The pants are equipped with a long zipper with a Velcro-and-buckle closure to hold the zipper in place. There is a mesh lining with hip pads and a pocket on the right inside hip to hold an ID card or a key. The mesh lining is loose with only two stitching spots at the knee, allowing for more freedom to move. The legs have an open cuff for easy adjustment. The calf area is vented to keep the rider cool. The pant’s knee area has plenty of room for any type of knee brace, along with bulletproof, reinforced leather knees.


(3) Gloves. The Thor Invert Rhythm gloves are made of polyester and nylon materials with silicone-treated pointer and index fingers. The palms are perforated to provide venting. The gloves’ seams are inverted so that any bunching at the threads is not rubbing against your hands. There is no rubber padding on top of the hand. An additional thin, triangle-shaped piece of material follows your thumb line to your wrist. These gloves also fit farther up your wrist and have a quick-entry, slip-on cuff. Thor has been known to make quality gloves with an accurate fit. The web of your fingers and the finger length do not hinder the motion of your hand. The palm molds to your hand and doesn’t bunch up.

(4) Durability. The Thor Pulse gear is constructed of durable materials with solid stitching. At this price point, Thor’s quality is a strong point for the MXA wrecking crew. Its gear is tested by some of the best racers around the world.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We found the gloves’ silicone molding on the fingertips came undone after several hours. This is not uncommon. Also, the fingers got a little fuzzy on the tips, which comes with the inverted seams.

MXA RATING: In an age when $152 won’t buy you a pair of pants from some companies, with the Thor Pulse gear, it will cover the complete ensemble.

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