WHAT IS IT? A complete replacement chain guide and swingarm buffer for your KTM 250/350/450SXF, but a super product for Kawasaki KX250/KX450F and Suzuki RM-Z owners.

WHAT’S IT COST? $154.95 (Motocross Slide-N-Glide chain guide, swingarm buffer and slide pad), $72.95 (Factory Edition chain guide only).

CONTACT? (541) 772-4161 or

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with TM Designworks’ Slide-N-Glide kit.

(1) Drag. You probably don’t think of a chain guide as a performance product, but you are wrong. Anything that creates drag on the chain diminishes horsepower. In the case of most stock chain guides, which have an aluminum outer shell with a rubber slider, there is a significant amount of drag. TM Designworks’ plastic chain guide almost eliminates drag completely. How is this possible? Whereas the rubber in the stock guide grabs the chain, the hard plastic of TM Designworks’ chain guide allows the chain to slide over it.

(2) Durability. KTM has very good OEM chain guides and buffers compared to stock Kawasaki and Suzuki parts, but if you are looking for a bulletproof system, the Slide-N-Glide kit is the best in the biz. The basic Slide-N-Glide kits consist of a Zero Drag two-stage swingarm buffer, lower frame pad and Factory Edition rear chain guide. Most of the KTM factory WORCS, GNCC and enduro teams use TM Designworks chain guides. There is a one-year, unconditional guarantee on all parts. 

(3) Installation. If you are replacing a worn-out stock chain guide and buffer pad, you should note that the chain tension will get tighter when you install new pads and guides. Installing the TM Slide-N-Glide kit is simple?no need to break the chain. Plus, the chain guide has enough clearance to accept as many as three teeth on the rear sprocket.

(4) Replacement parts. The wear block in the chain guide can be replaced for under $30.

(5) Colors. TM Designworks parts are available in black or orange for KTMs, plus green, yellow, black, red and blue for the other brands.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No mechanical complaints, but the hard material does make more noise. If you aren’t into bling, consider ordering the black version instead of the orange parts.

This is an awesome product that does what it claims. If you own a Kawasaki or Suzuki, this is a five-star product. On the more durable KTM, it is a four-star product.

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