WHAT IS IT? The Torc1 pedal is a forged aftermarket brake pedal packed with extra features.

WHAT’S IT COST? $99.99.

CONTACT? or (661) 505-7114.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with Torc1’s brake pedal.

(1) Construction. Torc1’s brake pedal is forged from 6061 aluminum, then finished on a CNC machine. For added insurance, the pedal comes with a brake snake that tethers the pedal to the bike to prevent it from folding backwards. The pedal’s pivot has a grooved bushing for low friction, and the tip of the pedal (toe kick) is spring-loaded.

(2) Installation.
MXA’s Torc1 pedal fits perfectly and sat at the same height as our stock pedal, but the taller traction teeth on the toe kick added a bit of height. Some testers lowered the pedal slightly to compensate. The brake snake installation is an extra step. If you have a crimping tool, it’s very easy. If not, the aluminum crimps are very likely to come loose, and the brake snake won’t work.

(3) Toe kick. “Toe kick” is Torc1’s name for the tip of the pedal. Their anodized toe kick is spring-loaded to absorb the force in collisions. The toe kick can be unbolted and remounted in rearward holes to effectively shorten the length of the brake pedal. This changes the ergos and makes the return spring feel a bit firmer since there is less leverage on the pedal. For traction against the sole of the rider’s boot, the toe kick has spiky teeth that can be replaced separately if they wear down or disappear.

(4) Durability. On occasion, the MXA wrecking crew has smashed, bent, folded or broken off brake pedals. The Torc1 pedal’s construction, tether and pivoting tip make it significantly more resistant to damage than the stocker. This is a big plus for moto guys and a blessing for rock-smashing offroad riders. The price is $35 more than a stock Honda pedal, but the Torc1 pedal could pay for itself by not breaking as often. This is a judgment call for the buyer.

(5) Feel.
The extra traction of the pedal’s teeth completely changes the feel of using the brake pedal. It offers a much more connected feel with your foot. You can feel it when you try to rotate your foot out sideways from the peg, and you are more likely to notice it when you accidentally drag the rear brake.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We had three issues.  (1) The crimps didn’t hold the brake snake very well. Instead of requiring buyers to have a crimper tool, the kit should come with the brake snake pre-installed and ready to bolt to the bike. (2) We love the idea of being able to adjust the length of the brake pedal, but most testers wanted to go longer, not shorter. (3) To feel good about paying $99.99, you have to be very phobic about the risk of breaking a brake pedal.

Comparing Torc1’s brake pedal to an OEM unit is like comparing an armored tank to a Geo Metro. Throw in adjustability and traction and it’s a significant upgrade?at a significant price.

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