WHAT IS IT? Since Yamaha introduced the all-new YZ450F in 2010, the MXA wrecking crew has complained about its cramped cockpit. The rider triangle geometry, which is the distances between the footpegs, seat and handlebars, is awkward. Most notably, the footpegs are too close to the seat. The Kawasaki is the only bike that comes stock with two options for mounting its footpegs; however, Yamaha is the brand that needs it most. Works Connection saw the need and created these titanium footpeg-lowering mounts to give you a more comfortable position on the bike. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $349.95.

CONTACT? or (530) 642-9488.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Works Connection Yamaha footpeg-lowering mounts.

(1) Concept. The 2010 through 2022 YZ450F and 2014 through 2023 YZ250F chassis are cramped. Some companies have offered lower aftermarket footpegs, but most Yamaha riders have learned to deal with the stock footpeg height. New from Works Connection is a titanium footpeg-lowering mount that drops the footpegs down 7mm and positions them 5mm rearward. This allows the rider’s legs to stretch out more, giving the cockpit a more natural feel and allowing you to weight the pegs and go from standing to sitting more comfortably. Additionally, the Works Connection mounts work with stock footpegs and all aftermarket footpegs as well. Because the mounts, pins and washers are all made of titanium, this setup weighs only 10.5 ounces, which is 30 percent lighter than the stock mounts and hardware that weigh 14.7 ounces. They also retain the same ground clearance as stock.  

(2) Performance. Testing these mounts was fairly straightforward. The Yamaha cockpit is very tight, so before we even rode with these mounts, we knew they’d work. After trying the mounts back to back with the stocker, using multiple test riders, everyone agreed that the lower footpeg position was better. The mounts don’t feel “low” in the sense that they would only be good for riders with long legs. They simply made the rider position feel normal, like any other modern dirt bike, instead of feeling cramped.  

With the footpegs being 7mm lower and 5mm further back, it was easier to corner, easier to hit jumps and easier to navigate rough straightaways. If you have small feet, keep in mind that the shift lever and brake pedal will now be positioned 5mm farther forward from the footpeg platform. 

(3) Fitment. The Works Connection Yamaha footpeg-lowering mounts were designed for both of Yamaha’s four-stroke models; however, Yamaha finally fixed this issue on its new 2023 YZ450F chassis, and now this part is only beneficial for the current-generation YZ250F and prior-model YZ450Fs.  

(4) Parts. The Works Connection Yamaha footpeg-lowering mounts come with two titanium mounts (left and right), two titanium pins, two titanium washers and two titanium cotter pins. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The only issue is that Works Connection is a few years late to the party. The 2023 YZ450F comes stock with lower footpegs, and soon the 2024 YZ250F will have the same chassis, so this part will only be necessary for used bikes. 

MXA RATING: All around, the lower mounts were better. None of our test riders preferred the stock mounts; however, if you’re a long-time Yamaha rider and you have short legs, the benefit might not be worth the money.



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