WHAT IS IT? The Xtrig worm-drive preload adjuster allows quick and precise preload adjustments for KTM 125, 150, 250, 350 and 450 shocks. It eliminates the need to use a hammer and punch or deal with KTM’s iffy nylon preload ring.
$149.99 (there are different models for linkage or PDS shocks).
CONTACT? or (909) 949-4155.
Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Xtrig preload adjuster.

(1) Installation. The biggest downside to installing the Xtrig preload adjuster on a KTM is that the shock has to be taken apart to get the Xtrig to slip on. This is not the case with the Xtrig on most Japanese bikes. If you want the Xtrig adjuster on your KTM, you should try to time the purchase to coincide with having your shock revalved. That way you can kill two birds with one stone.

MXA uses a 8mm socket on a Makita power tool to spin the Xtrig preload ring.

(2) Function. The Xtrig preload adjuster replaces the manual preload rings on your shock. In their place, Xtrig adds a mechanical worm-drive gearset that threads the adjuster up and down with the twist of an 8mm socket. The Xtrig preload adjuster makes race sag adjustment quick and easy, but with one catch; the small worm gear only has a 24:1 gear ratio. That means you have to turn the Xtrig’s 8mm socket 24 turns to add one turn of preload to the shock spring. MXA‘s solution to this problem was to put an 8mm socket on a Makita power tool and spin the Xtrig preload ring with electric power. We could put two or three turns on the Xtrig preload adjuster in a few seconds.

(3) Performance. Every MXA test rider hates KTM’s nylon preload ring. It deforms easily and sticks if there is any dirt on the shock body. Not so with the Xtrig. The Xtrig adjuster moves up and down the complete length of the shock body in the time it takes to loosen the lock ring on the stock KTM preload adjuster. MXA test riders check their sag before every race (and normally have to make some minor adjustments). With the Xtrig preload adjuster, we can make minuscule or major adjustments in the  
blink of an eye.
WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? There are two downsides. (1) Price. At $150, it’s not cheap. You might be just as happy with a hammer and punch. (2) WP shock. Having to take your WP shock apart to get the preload adjuster on or off is a big negative.

If you own a Japanese motocross bike, the Xtrig preload adjuster deserves five stars. It works just as flawlessly on a KTM, but the hassle of mounting it on the WP shock cost it a star. If you don’t know what a preload adjuster is, this is a one-star product.

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