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tld_jersey_phantomWHAT IS IT? The Troy Lee Designs SE Air gear is the crown jewel of the TLD line. It is designed to provide a lightweight feel, an athletic fit and superb ventilation on those hot summer days.

WHAT’S IT COST? $65.00 (jersey), $185.00 (pants).

CONTACT? or (800) 239-6566.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Troy Lee Designs SE Air gear.

(1) Pants. Last year was the first year Troy Lee Designs steered away from sans-a-belt-style adjustable pants. These quick-adjust pants were great for a guy who fluctuated in weight every few months, but not for the serious racer who wanted a tailored fit. MXA test riders raved about the 2016 SE Air’s new athletic fit that was showcased last year. We had no complaints other than the steep price tag. For 2017, Troy’s designers kept last year’s general concept and added a few refinements. Most MXA test riders felt that there was less room in the crotch area, although the material allows more flex. This made for a more tailored fit, but the material is thinner than last year’s. Another minor change is the shape and size of the cowhide leather knee patches. For 2017 the patches are slightly narrower and longer.

tld_seair_pants_(2) Fit. Our size-32 Troy Lee Designs SE Air pants fit more like a size 33. Good news for riders who are trying to hold onto the aura of size 32 for one more year.

(3) Jersey. The SE Air jersey has the same structure as last year, save for a few revisions. Things our test riders noticed were increased ventilation and a more comfortable four-way-stretch collar. We love the elbow padding, although it’s not as rugged as last year’s. Troy Lee Designs gel-prints its logo on the tail of the jersey to help keep it tucked in.

(4) Comfort. Because of its supreme ventilation, this gear is made for the hot days of summer. The jersey has a flexible, athletic fit. The sleeves are tapered from the shoulder to the cuff. This allows the elbow padding to stay in place. A couple MXA test riders complained that the arms were so long that the flexible cuffs went past their wrists. The pants were comfortable from top to bottom. They flexed in sync with the rider’s movements. The new-generation Troy Lee Designs pants don’t have the baggy, oversized fit of 2015. The knees aren’t bulbous thanks to stretchier material.

(5) Durability. The MXA wrecking crew had no issues with the durability of the jersey. Additionally, the long leather cowhide patches on the knee panels of the pants did a great job protecting the pants from the heat and friction of the bike. The flex material is thinner in the crotch of the pants where there’s excessive wear from being in the saddle.

(6) Options. The Troy Lee Designs Air pant comes in sizes 28 to 38. The matching jersey comes in small to extra-extra large.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Three quibbles. (1) Some riders felt the arms of the jersey were too long. (2) The flex material of the crotch should be a thicker material. (3) We’d like the ankles to be tapered more tightly to the rider’s calves.

MXA RATING: Designed for hot weather, the SE Air gear is totally focused on moving fresh air in and stale air out. Much like the new breed of athletically tailored race wear, the cut is designed more for extremely fit racers—and less for Troy Lee Designs’ chubbier clientele of the past.



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