In Europe if you don’t make two-strokes, you have trouble finding good offroad dealers or meeting the needs of a large number of cross-country and offroad riders (Husaberg does not build motocross bikes). And while Husaberg has made its name with its unique brand of four-stroke engines (in 390cc, 450cc and 570cc versions), it knew that in 2011 it had to add two-strokes to its line up. Luckily, Husaberg is owned by KTM?thus the development time was greatly reduced.

2011 HUSABERG TE250: The TE250 uses a 249cc KTM engine (with a bore and stroke of 66.4mm x 72mm) tucked into a KTM built frame. The major differences between a Husaberg two-stroke and a KTM two-stroke are the plastic components. The TE250 comes with electric start, six speeds and 11 liter gas tank.

2011 HUSABERG TE300: Bigger is better applies to all those who always want sufficient reserves of power in rough terrain. The TE300 shares all of it components (WP suspension, Keihin carb, electric start, Brembo brakes, and hydraulic clutch with the TE250, but has a 72mm piston instead of a 66.4mm piston.

The Husaberg two-stroke tank has to be the most unique design ever made.

Husaberg went all out on the TE250 and TE300 engines…are you looking at the Husaberg clutch cover?

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