This is Motocross Action Magazine’s first ride tests on the 2023 GasGas MC450F at Glen Helen Raceway. GasGas joins the list of unchanged 450 models for 2023. Kawasaki, GasGas, Suzuki are bringing back last years models, rebadged for 2023 with no changes or only minimal changes. In the case of the GasGas the only way t0 tell a 2023 from a 2022, is by the drop-shadow below their logo on the radiator shrouds. This may seem like a bad marketing strategy for GasGas, but in a year when new bikes are slow to come to the showrooms, buyers have had to put their names on waiting lists, parts are hard to find and some brands are still weeks away from bringing in their new bikes to America. Thus, the GasGas strategy just might work. Why? The aftermarket already has GasGas products in their pipelines—including plastics, exhausts, hard parts and other accessories—while the new updated models are behind schedule. And for racers who are afraid of first year model, the GasGas is a proven product. The only fly in GasGas’ ointment is that unlike Kawasaki and Honda, who kept last year’s retail price the same, GasGas implemented a price hike.

In this video we go over all the details on the 2023 MC450F and compare it to the all-new KTM/Husqvarna. If you want the most honest and detailed bike reviews you’ve come to the right place. This go-around its on the 2023 GasGas MC450F.


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