Mitch Payton built this TC125 originally for Ivan Tedesco to race at the Washougal two-stroke race. Since Husqvarna’s Andy Jefferson was a Pro Circuit rider back in the 1980s, he asked Mitch Payton if he would like to field Ivan Tedesco in the 125 Two-Stroke All-Star race at Washougal on a Husqvarna TC125 (which Ryan Villopoto would win on a Pro Circuit YZ125). Mitch said yes, but at the time, 2019 TC125s were in short supply, so Andy asked MXA’s Jody Weisel if MXA would lend Mitch its Husqvarna TC125 test bike. MXA agreed to lend Pro Circuit its TC125 (and after the Washougal race, MXA would get Ia full-race Husky TC125 back to race and test). The full-race TC125 engine generated 5.25 horsepower more than the stock 2019 Husqvarna TC125 powerplant (and it was 8 horsepower up on the stock engine by the time the TC125 signed off at 12,400 rpm). The forks were Pro Circuit air-to-spring conversions, the shock was revalved and resprung, the engine was ported, head milled and jetting changed. The TC125 featured Moto Tassinari reeds, MXR02 fuel, Pro Circuit linkage system (with bell crank and pull rods) and Decal Works did the special graphics for the MXA bike.

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