Warren Reid’s first Pro career lasted from 1975 to 1983, but he broke his hip in 1984 and had to sit out the complete season. During his time off, he lost his factory ride and started a second Pro career as a hired gun a new path. In 1985 he raced for the White Brother’s and ATK in selected events, like the Carlsbad 500 GP, four-stroke races and the occasional AMA National. He also tried his hand in the very competitive SoCal speedway circuit. Warren also raced the Ascot Grand National flat track and went to the 1985 Austrian 500 GP for ATK. He followed that up by racing the Baja 1000 for BMW (where he finished fourth overall on their Paris-Dakar Rally bike). Name another rider who raced AMA Nationals, Speedway, Baja, AMA Grand Nationals and an FIM 500 Grand Prix in the same year. In 1986, he earned an AMA Grand National dirt track number and, for a little more nostalgia, Warren raced the very first ABC-TV Superbiker’s race for Kawasaki and also raced it two more times.

Warren had started a carpentry/cabinet business as his career wound down, he devoted more time to it, but got an offer to work for American Honda as a Tech Rep and worked his way up through the ranks and just retired last year from Honda’s power equipment division.

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