JEFF WARD-7608Jeff Ward is a two-time 250 Supercross champion and four-time outdoor National champ.

Jeff Ward’s second AMA 250cc Supercross championship was won on this KX250 SR in 1987 using the number 3. During the 1987 season, Jeff Ward and Hondas Rick Johnson were involved in a very heated battle for the championship. Jeff prevailed over the heavily favored Honda rider and won his 4th AMA Championship. Jeff’s race bike was based on a production KX model with  KYB works suspension, magnesium front wheel hub, reinforced swingarm area and KMC-developed porting specs along with a Pro Circuit exhaust pipe. Jeff used the number three and the year-ending seven to continue using the lucky numbers within the Kawasaki Team, threes and sevens.

JEFF WARD-6407Jeff Ward’s 1987 factory KX250 engine mated with a Pro Circuit pipe.

JEFF WARD-6411A Keihin carburetor was used with the factory KX250 SR engine.

JEFF WARD-6414 The swingarm on Jeff Ward’s KX250 was reinforced from stock.

JEFF WARD-6415 The famous number 3.

Rear disc brake and uni-track suspension were big things back in 1987.

Ward racing this 1987 bike. 

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