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Photos by Massimo Zanzani

Simpson_MXGP_2_IND_2017The winner of the mud fest was Shaun Simpson in the 450 class. During Monsoon season in Indonesia it rains every day and often for weeks at a time. Guess what? That is exactly what it did.

Seewer_MXGP_2_IND_2017Jeremy Seewer went 1-2 to take the MX2 overall. The mud may have been a disaster, but it’s likely that the flay featureless track wouldn’t have amounted to much either way.

Pootjes_MXGP_2_IND_2017Davy Pootjes looking very clean. The track was a weird mix to relatively firm dirt followed by sippy holes and mud bogs.

Olsen_MXGP_2_IND_2017Thomas Kjer Olsen.

MXGPstart_MXGP_2_IND_2017Off the start of the first and only moto of the MX1 class. The second moto was canceled due to bad weather and mud bog track conditions. 

MXGPpodium_MXGP_2_IND_2017The podium of the MX1 class from left to right: Glenn Coldenhoff, Shaun Simpson, Clement Desalle.

MX2start_MXGP_2_IND_2017The start of the MX2 race. The second moto was red flagged due to steady rain and a series of almost impassable bog sections that captured lots of riders. 

MX2podium_MXGP_2_IND_2017The podium of the 250 class from left to right: Samuele Bernardini, Jeremy Seewer, Brian Bogers.  

Lieber_MXGP_2_IND_2017Julien Lieber finished 4th place, but came out of the trip to Indonesia with the points lead in the 250 class. The next stop is Argentina in two weeks, which as fly-away races go is a real GP track with actual fans on the sidelines.

Herlings_MXGP_2_IND_2017Jeffrey Herlings and a Fiat fight for position in a hail storm of mud.  

Goncalves_MXGP_2_IND_2017Rui Goncalves had his best day in years with a 5th in the only 450 moto. 

Desalle_MXGP_2_IND_2017Belgian Clement Desalle gained points on Cairoli with his 2nd place finish. 

Coldenhoff_MXGP_2_IND_2017Glenn Coldenhoff is a Dutch sand specialist, but he had a good day in the mud. 

Cairoli_MXGP_2_IND_2017Antonio Cairoli finished 4th and still has an 8-point lead for the 450 championship after two races. 

Bernardini_MXGP_2_IND_2017The Italian rider, Samuele Bernardini, placed second overall in the MX2 class on a TM 250MX.



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