I would suspect that everyone wants to see Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna rider Malcolm Stewart take his first 450-class Supercross win. Similar to Red Bull KTM’s Aaron Plessinger, Stewart is popular with the fans, as well as his competitors in the pro pits. Unfortunately, just as it appears close to happening, injuries are also close by. Coming off the sidelines for 2024, it has been a slow start for the 31-year-old. But neither Malcolm himself, his fans, nor the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team are giving up.




MISSING ALMOST ALL OF THE 2023 SEASON IT’S HARD TO DUPLICATE ACTUAL RACING, RIGHT? Yes, you are right, nothing besides racing can truly duplicate racing. For me, right now, it has been over a year pretty much since I was injured at that race. You almost feel like you lose a little bit of that racing strategy and racecraft when you have not raced with those guys in that long of time. It is crazy with the group racing right now that we have! I missed an entire year of development and a whole year without racing. As I said, you feel like you lose a little bit. But, I feel like last week, at Anaheim 2 that I turned a corner a little bit. I was the fastest in my qualifier, so, it is coming around. 

THAT MUST HAVE BEEN NICE BEING THE FASTEST QUALIFIER, RIGHT?  Speed is not an issue. I just need to get back to some good racing. The first couple of races were unfortunately mud races and first-turn crash races. Having the Triple Crown for me, the results were not there, but at least I was able to get some good racing in and race with some of those guys. Granted, I would not say I was better than other people, but I was closer. We are getting our bike a little bit better and working on it.  Again, it is hard to just jump back into a fight like this when you have not raced in over a year, but we are going to come around. I had a really good week going into this week, so I am feeling ready.  

Malcolm Stewart struggled a bit in Detroit, placing eleventh overall.

SWITCHING TO DETROIT, YOU STARTED THE DAY AS FASTEST IN FREE QUALIFYING. I was feeling great coming into Detroit! I was back home in Florida the week prior and just felt better. Later in the day, I qualified ninth fastest overall. I was happy with my fifth in the Heat Race and looked forward to the main. Finally, I had a decent main event start, but then a couple of laps in I crashed while trying to pass Jason Anderson. I believe we were battling for sixth, and it would have been awesome to finish top five.

You can’t duplicate racing when testing.

MY OBSERVATION IS THAT YOU SIMPLY HAVE HAD SOME BAD LUCK.  YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME. Oh yeah! But, unfortunately, that happens all the time. It is one of those things that comes with racing. I don’t want to be in the back, where things happen more frequently.  Obviously, it is 100% my fault that I am back there in the first place, and those mistakes happened because I was not good enough off the gate. When you are back there and you have dirty air, things happen. We are now looking forward to this week, a fresh week to get a good start.

I KNOW SEVERAL OF THE AUSTRIAN BIKE RIDERS HAVE SAID HOW THE NEW BIKE IS BETTER. RJ HAMPSHIRE AND AARON PLESSINGER HAVE TALKED ABOUT THAT. AS WE SAID, YOU DID NOT RACE THAT MUCH LAST YEAR BUT DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR BIKE IS BETTER? I can’t really say yes or no but as you mentioned, practicing and motorcycle racing is totally different – even though it is the same exact motorcycle. I am more so fine-tuning my race bike, let’s put it that way.  

Malcolm has been building back after a full year off from injury.

HAVE YOU BEEN IN CALIFORNIA DURING ALL OF JANUARY? I have been in California the whole month of January, so pretty much since Anaheim 1. Then I went home this past week, and I got to see the family – that was good. That is the reason why I had a good week prior to  Detroit. I am not used to being back in California. It was good to be based in California for January, but it was good to just be back home and enjoy it. I got to see the family and my dog and just enjoy it. Detroit is one of my favorite stadiums, it just didn’t go great this trip.

ARE YOU HAPPIER IN FLORIDA AND DOES THAT MAKE YOU A BETTER RACER? Yes, I think so. Anytime you are back in your own environment, you feel great. I always said before that it is always good to be back home in your own place. I am not saying I don’t like California or anything like that, but that is not where I am going to live. So, it is out of my comfort zone, I don’t really have any family out there, and that is how I am leaving it. 

Malcolm has been very fast in timed qualifying and is looking to put it all together in a main event.

MANY OF US BELIEVE YOU CAN WIN SUPERCROSS; IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE? Obviously, a start is number one. With this field nowadays, you are not going to be able to come up from the back of the pack. The start is key, all the pieces must play out and I think that is what makes racing, right?  You never know who is going to win. So far this year, it has been a massive battle for all of us and who knows, next Saturday could be my night.


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