Martin DavalosMartin Davalos is 37 years old.   He retired in 2020 and is now a team manager.

Martin Davalos was born on January 15, 1987. He started racing the AMA 250 East/West Supercross Series back in 2006 and the 2019 series was his 13th year in the regional Supercross series. Although he has won a few races, he has never won a title in AMA racing. He finally got his wish to race a 450 when Rockstar Husqvarna moved him to the 450 Nationals for the 2017 outdoor series, and then they fired him. Luckily, he signed on with Pro Circuit Kawasaki, for the second time, to race the 2018-19 AMA 250 East series.

Martin on the Husky FC450 at the 2017 Hangtown 450 National.

He could have stayed in the 250 class, if he had skipped the last Supercross of 2019—because he was one point shy of pointing out of the East/West. However, he elected to go to Vegas and as a result earned enough points to no longer be allowed in the 250 East/West class.

Martin Davalos 2020 St. Louis Supercross-4487Martin on his KTM at Anaheim 1 leading Jason Anderson.

Although, destined to be remembered as a life-long 250 support class rider, Martin had a 450 ride for 2020 on a KTM 450SXF with Team Tedder. Martin proved in 2020 that he could be a premier class racer. But, Davalos announced his retirement from full-time competition in America in 2021 and has turned his attention to managing the Fire Power Parts Honda Racing Team from its new base of operations at the Millsaps Training Facility in Georgia.

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