Dean Ferris on his way over the triple 

All the triples this weekend seem to be extremely steep 

Shane McElrath sailing his Troy Lee bike over a jump

Michale Leib looking ahead at the next obstacle 

Jason Anderson on the leader board 

McElrath scrubbing to save time in 2nd times qualifying practice 

Cooper Webb charging hard to get a good gate pick in the night show 

Jessy Nelson is getting better and better each week 

Ken Roczen seat bouncing a triple on his Factory Redbull KTM 450SXF 

Malcolm Stewart is one of the fastest guys in the whoops and most stylish in the air 

The guy who won last weekend and could potentially make it two in a row tonight 

Josh Grant skying his JGR Yamaha 

Another shot of Chad Reed riding high in the corner 

Jake Weimer crashed in 2nd practice today 

It will be all about line choice here in Oakland with a little bit softer dirt than the Southern California rounds

Dean Wilson keeping it low over the sky double 

Cole Seely pushing the bike down to save time in the air 

Justin Hill always lays down some stylish moves in the air 

Jason Anderson soaring through the finish line and checking his spot on the boards

Ivan Tedesco making his way through a left handed corner 

Dean Wilson absolutely crushing it today in practice. 

Cole Seely scrubbing his way around the track 

Mr. Consistent will be one for sure to watch in the main. This guy knows how to get on the box every weekend

Ryan Villopoto figuring out ways around this very technical track 

Ivan Tedesco is slowly showing more speed each weekend

Justin Brayton has shown he can run up front. 

Chad Reed didn’t land himself on the top spot for qualifying but that doesn’t mean he can’t win this race 

Andrew Short charging a tricky section of the track 

Another shot of Andrew going through the finish line 

James Stewart looked fast all day in practice

Ken Roczen looked very aggresive all day today 

James Stewart in natural fashion while he flies over a triple 

Justin Barcia jumping a double with natural style 

Will Hahn is one that hasn’t been on the podium yet has the talent to do so 

Josh Hill hitting the sky double in the center of the track 

Justin finding a deep rut to charge through 

If you want lessons on soaking up speed this is a picture for your books 

Justin Brayton buried in a rut with a hand full of throttle 

The holeshot master in practice today 

RV had a minor crash in practice today

Andrew Short cornering quickly around a bowl turn 


Andrew Short showing some style over the finish line 

Ryan Dungey with perfect cornering technique 

The King of Supercross walking the track during practice and watching riders as they get their best qualifying times

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