If you’ve been sitting on your 125cc, 150cc or 250 two-stroke out in the garage and moaning about how the conronavirus forced the 2020 World Two-Stroke Championship to be moved to October 3, now is your chance to blow the cobwebs out of your rusty but trusty smoker (or even your garage queen that has never seen dirt in anger). Hollywood powerbroker Pasha Afshar is hosting another round of his “Pasha 125 Open” two-strokes races at Glen Helen on Sunday. Don’t think that this is your typical race, because it isn’t. How so?

There are only three classes (four if you count the 250cc support class): Here they are:

(1) Pro class: This class is limited, albeit loosely to Pros and fast Intermediates who think they are Pros, and guys who just want to be on the track with the Pros and promise to move over when they are being lapped (if not the first time they are lapped, then the second or third time). As with all of the Pasha 125 Open race classes it is open to 150cc and 125cc two-strokes.

(2) Over-40 class: If you are 40 years old, you might want to sign up for the Over-40 class (also open to 125 and 150cc two-strokes). If you are 39 years and 11 months old, you better be a good liar at sign-up.

(3) Over-50 class: You wouldn’t think that very many guys over the age of 50 would be flexible enough to race a 125 (or 150), but with enough Advil old guys can do amazing things.

Pasha Afshar (L7) and Kurt Nicoll are the favorites in the Over-50 125 class.

(4) 250 Support class: Since the title of this race with the “Pasha 125 Open” two-stroke race the focus is on tiddlers, but Pasha knows that lots of former 125 hotshots and slow-pokes, got 250cc two-strokes when their rheumatism made it hard to shift every 50 feet—so they got a bigger bike that they can just put it in third gear and never shift (not even in the pits). There won’t be any purse money or fancy trophies for the 250 Support class, but you probably weren’t going to win any of that stuff anyway.

The Pasha 125 Open races are piggybacking with Sunday’s SoCal Old Timers race, much as they did when the raced with REM Motocross earlier this year. There are a few Covid-19 hoops that you have to jump through. Because of the rules, this not a spectator event. Riders can bring their pit crew with them in their truck, van or motorhome, but Glen Helen will not allow spectators to drive in separately. Additionally, the Pasha 125 riders will need to fill out an Old Timer’s entry blank before they get to sign-up—which means that it needs to be downloaded from the Old Timers website and printed out. You can get the entry blank by CLICKING HERE.

Practice is at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday morning at Glen Helen Raceway.

You can keep up to date on any changes with the Pasha 125 Open by checking the Pasha Racing instagram page by going to


Broc Shoemaker (48) was able to pass his way to the front of the 125 two-stroke pro class for a  2-1 overall win. Photo: Debbi Tamiett

Pasha as the bad guy in the “Bennett’s War” movie. Hollywood make-up is an amazing thing, but this is exactly what Pasha looks like at the track.


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