As you can see, that’s Chad Reed in the cyan Shift Racing gear walking past an all-white bike. Reed and crew were parked at Pro Circuit’s upper Supercross test track at Glen Helen, although Chad rode on P.C.’s lower track. He was also seen watering the track by hand.

Chad Reed in action. Although the bike has all white plastics, it’s clear to see that he’s on a Kawasaki. The news is that Reed will be racing a Kawasaki KX450F in 2014 and have full support from Pro Circuit. Apparently he will also receive factory Kawasaki support. It’s interesting to note that Kawasaki was the last brand of motorcycle that Reed raced (in 2010) before starting his own team and going to Honda.

Chad was spinning only a few laps at a time and then heading back to the rig so that his team could make adjustments to the KX450F. Chad reportedly broke out the Pro Circuit Honda CR450F that he raced back in 2012 to use as a test mule against the new Kawasaki. Both were in white livery.

Will Chad Reed be racing a Kawasaki KX450F in 2014? Will he find the magic once again and be comfortable on the green machine? Time will tell, but we’re rooting for him.

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