2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2460After watching the first eleven rounds of the season on TV, Josh Grant finds himself back at the races on a factory Yamaha. 


The twelfth round of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season is underway in Seattle, Washington. So far the weather has been pleasant and everyone is happy about it. The track looks great so far. During track walk, the riders were saying that the dirt is hard pack and similar to the dirt in California. They were right, unlike the east coast tracks that they have been riding on, the Seattle track is hard packed and slick. It also has a very long whoop section that is proving to be challenging for the riders. Keep checking in with MXA throughout the day for results, news and photos from the 2019 Seattle Supercross.


For 250 qualifying results click here

For 450 qualifying results click here.

Adam Cianciarulo_Jimmy Decotis_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2284Adam Cianciarulo and Jimmy Decotis lean back through the long and challenging whoop section. There are 15 whoops and the section spans across over half of the length of the stadium. 

Marvin Musquin_Dylan Ferrandis_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2421Dylan Ferrandis shares some info about the track to his fellow Frenchman Marvin Musquin.

Blake Baggett_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2549Blake Baggett wheelies through the sand rollers.

Four gear in the whoops on a 450!

Adam Cianciarulo had serious trouble in the whoops. 

Eli Tomac_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2595The dirt in Seattle is hard pack and slick. Here Eli Tomac’s rear tire is searching for traction.

COLE SEELY 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3514The dirt in Seattle also has a lot of little rocks in it. Cole Seely and a few other riders have opted to run hand guards today. We don’t see those often on a Supercross track. 

Eli Tomac_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2454Calm before the battle.

Josh Grant 2019 Seattle Supercross -2146Seattle is Josh Grant’s first Supercross of the year. It was announced this week that Josh would fill in for the injured Aaron Plessinger on the Factory Yamaha team. 

Josh Grant_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2690Josh Grant had a hard crash in the first qualifying session, but he got up and walked off under his own power.

Justin Bogle_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2695Justin Bogle takes a moment to relax mid-air.

Cooper Webb_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2430Cooper Webb is locked in and ready to drop the gate at round twelve.

Carson Brown_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2357Hometown hero, Carson Brown is looking good in Seattle. 

Ken Roczen 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3507Ken Roczen throwing down over the finish line in Seattle. 

Cole Seely Adam Cianciarulo 2019 Seattle Supercross -2161Cole Seely and Adam Cianciarulo having a good time during track walk.

Shane Mcelrath_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2407Up close on Shane McElrath.

Eli Tomac John Tomac 2019 Seattle Supercross -2170Eli Tomac and his Dad, John Tomac checking out the track. 

Michael Mosiman_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2385Michael Mosiman sits sixth in 250 West Championship point standings. 

Cameron Mcadoo_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2368Cameron McAdoo and his new butt patch, Cammac.

Chad Reed 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2984Chad Reed is looking comfortable so far in Seattle. He skimmed the whoops at race speed on his very first lap of practice. It takes serious skill and commitment to do that. 

Shan Mcelrath 2019 Seattle Supercross -2111Shane McElrath is focused and ready to go. 

Colt Nichols Trevor Carmichael2019 Seattle Supercross -2077Colt Nichols’ and his mechanic Trevor Carmichael discussing the Seattle track.

Justin Hill 2019 Seattle Supercross -2095Justin Hill had some food poisoning this week, but he’s still happy to be racing at his hometown Supercross. 

BEN SCHIERMEYER 2019 Seattle Supercross -2016JGR’s Ben Schiermeyer and his majestic beard.

Josh Mosiman Johnny O'Mara 2019 Seattle Supercross -2067MXA‘s Josh Mosiman is talking on the job again… 

Jacob Hayes 2019 Seattle Supercross -2160Jacob Hayes deep in thought.

Rj Wageman_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2258Rj Wageman is feeling comfortable in Seattle. 

Lars Lindstrom_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2434Lars Lindstrom works hard to make sure that Ken Roczen and Cole Seely’s factory HRC Hondas are ready to race each Saturday. 

Justin Starling_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2389Justin Starling is another rider who is using hand guards in Seattle.

Mike Alessi_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2436Mike Alessi is “hanging loose.”

Jacob Hayes_2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2383Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha rider, Jacob Hayes is looking good in Seattle.

Chad Reed 2019 Seattle Supercross -2027Chad Reed always looks relaxed on track walk.

Nick Wey 2019 Seattle Supercross -2123Nick Wey is in Seattle helping out Adam Cianciarulo.

Adam Cianciarulo 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2770Up close to the red plate holder. 

Roger Decoster 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2802“The Man” Roger Decoster. 

Cameron Mcadoo 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-2842Cameron Macadoo at speed. 

Josh Grant 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3164Josh Grant looked the best in the whoops before he went down hard in them. 

Josh Grant 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3164This is just before Grant crashed in the whoops.

Josh Grant crash 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3193Grant talking with the medical professionals making sure he is alright.

whoops 2019 Seattle Supercross PRACTICE-3208The whoops are getting really cupped out making them hard to skim. 


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