0q7a6213A total of nine riders were placed in front of the press: Front row- Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed and Jason Anderson. Back row- Josh Grant, Davi Millsaps, Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb.

By Daryl Ecklund

Ken Rozcen walked into the press room looking like MMA fighter, Conner McGregor all suited up (literally). Honestly, it was a nice change from all the walking billboards. Kenny said his reason for wearing a suit was that he wanted to bring the sport to another level. He definitely drew attention around him.

0q7a6166Ken Roczen came in suited up. It was a nice change to the walking billboards surrounding him.

Other than that, the press conference was nothing new. The same questions were asked, “How was your offseason?” “Are you going out to win A1?” “How do you like you bike, gear, team, mechanic blah blah blah?” A total of nine riders took the hot seat in front of the press with the regular hot shots like Roczen, Dungey, Reed, Anderson and Tomac. In the back row, Josh Grant, Davi Millsaps, Marvin Musquin and possible future hot shot, Cooper Webb graced us with their presence.

0q7a6162Dungey was smiling and looked like he had nothing to worry about. 

Unfortunately, since it had been raining, the track was covered, so there was no riding. Since there were no hot laps, I moseyed over to the pits to see what was going on. It was a slow day and rather quite. The semi’s had just moved their way in, and some of the teams were getting set-up.

0q7a6204The veteran, Chad Reed was asked about James Stewart. He said it was unfortunate that a multi-champion is without a ride and he is going to miss racing against him this season. 

0q7a6224The track was covered due to the rainy weather to keep it dry for race day.

0q7a6227The riders bikes were lined up just outside of the press conference.

0q7a6308The pits were nice and quite. The calm before the storm.

0q7a6314Team Honda getting set-up for the big day.

0q7a6289The Rockstar Husky team unloading the semi.

0q7a6256Team Tedder.

0q7a6303The only bikes out were the JGR Suzuki guys. Justin Barcia (orange beanie) was in attendance to support the team.

0q7a6275The Troy Lee KTM semi sitting pretty.

0q7a6322The Honda Smarttop semi.


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